EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Wolverine: Debt of Death

Have you ever loved a piece of art so hard you’re certain the intensity of that love killed a moose thousands of miles away? We’re feeling that right now with this exclusive preview of Marvel’s Wolverine: Debt of Death. The 34-page one-shot from David Lapham, David Aja and colorist Betty Breitweiser is due out in September. And if these pages are any indication, countless antlers shall be spilt.

The story? Wolverine and Nick Fury do their thing and some giant robots don’t stand a chance. Your eyes melt. You’re cool with it.

A Debt gets paid this September.


  1. Aja and Breitweiser!? This is going to be a gorgeous book.

  2. WOW!!!! Ok, I’m freanking sold. Sign me up! Betty Breitwesier is fantastic!

  3. Wow amazing thanks for the heads up

  4. Art looks great. Will be on the lookout for this.

  5. This is so perfectly up my alley it’s currently sitting in my garage.

  6. I’m sick with this. Sick, I tell you.

  7. brilliant. A must get.

  8. Awesome! I’ve been needing a strong dose of Aja for a long time now.

  9. Betty Breitwiser might be the industry’s best colorist working today. Easily.

  10. All I saw in Previews was “Art: David Aja” and it was immediately in my pull list. Pretty excited to pick this one up.

  11. This looks great.

  12. whoa, nice

  13. Lapham and Aja together? Fantastic!