Exclusive Preview: SUPERMAN #12

Superman has long dreamed of a regular, uneventful vacation in Russia, free of alien entanglements. Unfortunately, this is not that trip. The Entity has plans to use our hero as a key to another world. Not cool, entity from the ocean floor! Not cool!

Maybe next time, Superman.

This week we’ve got your first look at Superman #12 by Dan Jurgens and Jesus Merino!

Written by Dan Jurgens
Art by Dan Jurgens, Jesus Merino
Covers by Dan Jurgens, Norm Rapmund

Color/32 Pages/$2.99

β€’ The entity that came from the bottom of the ocean in issue #9 is back – and it’s trying to create a dimensional gateway for his army!
β€’ Earth is in peril, and Superman is the only one who can prevent mass death and destruction.

Now, how’s about that preview?


  1. One relic from the 90s leaves only to be replaced by another. It’s a shame that a good writer like Bryan Q. Miller is banished to digital land while hack writers from the 90s get multiple books.

  2. Is it me, or does even Clark himself look bored on the cover?

  3. Does anyone know when the Red Hood and the Outlaws team is taking over Superman?

  4. This book is terrible, like the majority of the new 52. It’s only a matter of time until they have to reboot them again.

  5. This book really was soooo boring. Unlike most folks, I enjoyed the first issue, but it was just “which extremely generic element style villain will Superman fight dully this month?” every single time. It’ll be interesting to see if that will change when the new creative team takes over.

  6. I see lots of narration boxes on the tiny little preview pages up there, something the NU52 has been guilty of in their books since the beginning of this whole “soft reboot” mess. These current creators know comic books are a VISUAL medium, right?

  7. I think it is pretty funny, that the people really WANT a great Superman book (and partly get at Action Comics)… but this is really meh… I am along for the ride since issue one, because, well I WANT a great Superman book but it didn’t really happen in this series…

    I think it lacks the new ideas of Action Comics and itself it limits what you can do in Action Comics… I would have been fine, haveing Superman in ONE timeline and not in two that “reflect” on each other…

    this book is not for kids, because of the soap opera bore that is this Daily Planet cast and it`s just not grown up enough to be a decent “grown up book”… and it lacks crazy fantasy elements alla Superman All Star…

    That character is so in the “I don’t care anymore” corner already, that it’s really time for something bold… and people would buy it… I mean look at the sales of all this wanna be Superman and his dozens new “interpretations”.. not to speak of the success of Smallville and so on… people want him to matter… it’s just not delivered with this book so far…

    But anyway… I am still gonna buy it so nothingwill change since I buy Superman for 30 years now and saw ups and downs… I just can’t help to feel like this is a down moment πŸ™

    • and for the record… I think “jeans wearing” and “Obama Superman” were or are concepts this character needs more… otehrwise I read Invincible or something to get an ass kicking superhero… Superman gets a better handle in other series (where he doesn’t even appear) imo

    • wow, thanks for expressing my exact sentiments! totally agree, i so badly want this book to be good it hurts. I mean really, compared to most comic/graphic novel aficionado, i’m an ignorant novice, yet even i can pick up on the short comings of basic story telling and lacklustre villains. The thing is with superman, he is only as good as his enemies and how hard they push him, so far i haven’t seen a true test of his will, character or abilities. Look at batman with the Court of the owls, those guys took him to his limits! that’s what i want to see from supes and how he would handle it.