EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Guarding The Globe #2

Guarding the entire globe seems like a job for a team with a lot more members. I mean, it's the whole globe. It's really big. But what do I know, I'm not a super hero.

Check out the first nine pages of Guarding The Globe #2 from writers Robert Kirkman and Benito Cereno and artist Ransom Getty.

Guarding The Globe #2
is in stores this week.


  1. s1lentslayer s1lentslayer says:

    That’s some good looking art and coloring.

  2. ato220 ato220 says:

    Looks amazing.  I sure hope that Kirkman doesn’t eventually leave this book to be solely written by Cereno.

  3. thompsonlive thompsonlive says:

    Very excited about this series. Really hope Astonishing Wolf-man will be a permanent member of the team past issue 4.

  4. edward says:

    i’m so proud to be an australian right now 

  5. powerdad powerdad says:

    I will admit something a little embarrassing about this comic…

    For some reason the title just doesn’t roll off my tongue correctly.  Every time I go to say it, I say "Gardening the Globe", as if its some sort of green thumb heroes making sure your veggies and flowers are safe.

    I’m aware I didn’t have to tell the iFanbase, but it felt like I was living a lie by keeping my silence.  Now I can hold my head up high, having come clean. Well, until Image releases "Peter Piper and His Piranha Pirates!", then I’m in real trouble here. 

  6. powerdad powerdad says:

    Oh, and the art is nice too. I bought issue one last month, but I think I’m going to go to trade(s) on this series. That’s how I read Invincible and the Astonishing Wolfman, so why break with my Image tradition.

  7. powerdad powerdad says:

    "Guarding the entire globe seems like a job for a team with a lot more members"

    @Conor, I would enjoy it if every single issue has them recruiting a new member, so by issue 100…there are 100 members — globe covered!

    Of course, knowing Kirkman, they’ll probably need to recruit every issue to keep up with the possible battle deaths they might have. (For some reason I think of Kirkman as a the guy who’s not shy about killing off characters.)

  8. Dave Withnall Cheezdog (@dww84) says:


    Reminds me of the Simpsons: "That’s a bloody outrage it is! I want to take this all the way to the Prime Minister."

     Luckily, we don’t actually speak like that (for the most part).

  9. tazz says:

    I’ll wait for the trade..instead of 3 months between issues.  Hey whatever happened to Image United ?? O never mind..

  10. Mangaman Mangaman says:

    This is the kind of comic that keeps me coming back to american superheroes.