EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Guarding The Globe #2

Guarding the entire globe seems like a job for a team with a lot more members. I mean, it's the whole globe. It's really big. But what do I know, I'm not a super hero.

Check out the first nine pages of Guarding The Globe #2 from writers Robert Kirkman and Benito Cereno and artist Ransom Getty.

Guarding The Globe #2
is in stores this week.


  1. That’s some good looking art and coloring.

  2. Looks amazing.  I sure hope that Kirkman doesn’t eventually leave this book to be solely written by Cereno.

  3. Very excited about this series. Really hope Astonishing Wolf-man will be a permanent member of the team past issue 4.

  4. i’m so proud to be an australian right now 

  5. I will admit something a little embarrassing about this comic…

    For some reason the title just doesn’t roll off my tongue correctly.  Every time I go to say it, I say "Gardening the Globe", as if its some sort of green thumb heroes making sure your veggies and flowers are safe.

    I’m aware I didn’t have to tell the iFanbase, but it felt like I was living a lie by keeping my silence.  Now I can hold my head up high, having come clean. Well, until Image releases "Peter Piper and His Piranha Pirates!", then I’m in real trouble here. 

  6. Oh, and the art is nice too. I bought issue one last month, but I think I’m going to go to trade(s) on this series. That’s how I read Invincible and the Astonishing Wolfman, so why break with my Image tradition.

  7. "Guarding the entire globe seems like a job for a team with a lot more members"

    @Conor, I would enjoy it if every single issue has them recruiting a new member, so by issue 100…there are 100 members — globe covered!

    Of course, knowing Kirkman, they’ll probably need to recruit every issue to keep up with the possible battle deaths they might have. (For some reason I think of Kirkman as a the guy who’s not shy about killing off characters.)

  8. LOL

    Reminds me of the Simpsons: "That’s a bloody outrage it is! I want to take this all the way to the Prime Minister."

     Luckily, we don’t actually speak like that (for the most part).

  9. I’ll wait for the trade..instead of 3 months between issues.  Hey whatever happened to Image United ?? O never mind..

  10. This is the kind of comic that keeps me coming back to american superheroes.