Every Batman Costume… EVER (Almost)

The fine folks over at ScreenRant have made a cool infographic that showcases just about every Batman costume ever. It’s missing a few of them, but it’s pretty comprehensive including, most notably, the all black number he briefly wore in the comics in the 1990s.

But, hey–it’s still pretty awesome!


Every Batman bat-suit

[Via: Screen Rant]

Bat-tastic! Thanks to Jennifer S. for the head’s up.


  1. I think the outfit you’re refering to is the Troika outfit they list there.

    They left out DC One Million and the Young Justice costume

  2. I’ll take a poster of this please, thanks

  3. It’s all about the Silver Age. Blue and gray all the way!

  4. I really want a Zur-En-Arrh mini or something. I think it’s one of the best ideas Morrison’s come up with so far in his Batman run.

  5. New Batman Adventures version rules them all!

    Thanks for sharing this guys!

  6. wow, didn’t realize he had so many different suits. it seems that all that change much is the color. shows that the design of the suit is iconic. I had no idea that they’re making a Batman Earth one, I really like the Superman earth one. Hope it’s good. thanks Conor.

  7. Awesome image. It would indeed make for a great poster! Thanks for sharing this.

    It makes me realize how silly I think anything but the all-black suits look, as far as what I’d say a real Batman would go for. Though I admit the absolute scariest are Azrael Batman (holy crap) and Zur-en-Arrh Batman (please – kill my friends and take my wallet – just don’t do anything else to me!).

  8. Wow I love it! Thanks for the great Christmas Eve-eve gift!!!

  9. Where’s the costume with the shoulder horns?

  10. Batman wearing bright blue or blue in general never bothered me. Yeah maybe it doesn’t represent a bat but it still looks awesome.

    Maybe my bias is showing for the era I love the most, but the Troika costume (didn’t even know that was the name of the run) is my favorite. It looks the most practical and it’s perfect to represent Batman by being all black. This infographic should have had the cape of that costume going down the rest of the image, cause that would be the most accurate interpretation of it.


  11. this is awesome. i want a poster of this.
    do you think that closet in the batcave is big enough for batman and robin as well. hahaha i kid, i kid.
    batman rules. definitely the baddest dude in all of comics.
    he doesnt have any powers, but he has one helluva wardrobe

  12. I actually think the Thomas Wayne suit from Flashpoint was my fave.

  13. To be honest, my favorite incarnation of the costume, will always be the batman year one. It has the right color scheme, it’s sleek, simple yet bold, and it looks amazing in silohette. Ever since i saw that image of batman staring down the criminal underworld gathering through a broken wall it has been my favorite. Only wish the ears were just a tad, just a tad longer.

  14. Very cool. I would’ve liked Tim Drake Batman from Titans Tomorrow, Jason Todd Batman from Battle for the Cowl and Thomas Wayne Batman from Flashpoint, but then you start ending in every elseworld ever and it gets out of control. Green Lantern Batman, Russian Batman, Vampire Batman, Lego Batman!

    • Also I just finished reading an article about the first appearance of batman and how it’s been recoloured, so I love the purple gloves.