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August 22, 2013 2:04 pm Superman: A lot of people comment on the scope of the destruction in Man of Steel. I think if you were to have a knock down, drag out fight between a Superman and a Zod, you most certainly would have the results we saw in the movie. As for killing Zod? Zod is too dangerous to be left to his own devices. I think you could cop out and say that since Zod's an alien, snapping his neck didn't necessarily kill him. I think it would be a much better personal journey to see how Clark is handling what happened. The sequel should introduce Luthor as the hero who rebuilt Metropolis. I like the idea of Clark reporting on the rebirth of Metropolis but in doing so he should find out Luthor's ulterior motives. It would be great if Clark could come off as a bit of a hero too for once. Batman: DC/WB would be smart to leave Nolan's movies behind. I think the next iteration of Batman should look to the Arkham games for inspiration. I think those games (at least the first two) have a better grasp on the character than Nolan and Bale ever did. I cannot stand the current rumor that the Batman to appear in Man of Steel 2 will be an older character in the vein of The Dark Knight Returns. I think that's an absolutely absurd, short-sighted approach that does not lend itself to two new franchises. Wonder Woman: I don't see why this hasn't been done yet. It's such a no-brainer. I'll bet WB are kicking themselves for not letting Joss Whedon do his thing when they had the chance. Oh how different things might be if Joss wasn't available to work for Marvel. Avengers might have been a total flop. Then where would we be? Green Lantern: Just recast the role of Hal Jordan and move on as if the Ryan Reynolds movie never happened. I think Green Lantern has incredible potential on the big screen. They just need a quality filmmaker to take it over and get someone good to write the script. Reintroduce the character in Justice League and go from there. Justice League: There is absolutely no way they're not going to be compared to Avengers. No matter what they do, the response will always be "that's not what they did in Avengers." So I say don't think twice about Avengers. Just do what you do and get a good script and a good director in place. It wouldn't hurt if there was someone overseeing all the DC movies who actually knew and understood every nook and cranny of the DC Universe... like, say, Bruce Timm?
July 1, 2013 1:35 pm My friends and I would LOVE to go to SDCC, but when I actually think about what the experience will likely entail - long lines, a lot of waiting, some more long lines, more waiting, more crowds - I just don't think I'd have any fun. And that's before the expense of the endeavor comes into play. I don't want to spend that kind of money just to stand in line and wait behind 10,000 other people who are waiting in line behind 10,000 other people.
April 16, 2013 1:25 pm In order from most excited to least excited: Man of Steel (can't wait, I'm cautiously optimistic) Iron Man 3 (as far as I'm concerned, Marvel is 6/6 since the first Iron Man came out. I didn't even have a problem with IM2) Star Trek: Into Darkness (not a comic book movie, but it's on this list anyway, so I included it) Thor: The Dark World (the first Thor movie surprised me at how good it was, love Hemsworth in the role) The Wolverine (while I think Jackman does a great job in the role, his casting is all wrong, the success of this movie has nothing to do with him, but the material he's given) Kick Ass 2 (I enjoyed the first one, I'll probably catch this one on dvd) The Lone Ranger (will also probably wait for dvd) Elysium (don't care) Pacific Rim (looks monumentally stupid, like something SyFy would show on a Saturday afternoon double feature with Sharktopus)
February 6, 2013 3:24 pm Bring back Temuera Morrison for the Boba Fett movie. He can either do the acting (that way he can take the helmet off) or he can do the voice (thus leaving the helmet on).
December 5, 2012 1:48 pm I'm a fan of a lot of things - comics, movies, music, television shows. Star Wars is #1 on my list. I have been there from the beginning. My father took me to see the original in 1977 or 1978. I remember standing in line to see Return of the Jedi on opening weekend - the line was around the building (still, we're talking maybe 20 people). I have friends who camped out to see Episode I (I would have if I didn't have to work). It's easy to dismiss Episodes I - III, but I can glaze over their (many) faults and hold onto the bits and pieces that make them Star Wars. Disney's acquisition of the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises concerns me. First and foremost, make no mistake about it, every Star Wars movie that comes out from now on is being made not from a storytelling standpoint like the first 6 movies were, but as a part of a business plan. Star Wars makes a lot of money and that's why Disney bought the rights. Lucas made the movies we have to tell a story. Disney will do the same to make money. No matter how many times the movies are remastered for whatever media outlet is popular at the time, like blu ray or digital download, no matter how many upgrades and special editions we get, they do not generate as much money as a new film will, especially now that we've got multiple options for viewing them: 3D, IMAX, IMAX 3D, 24fps, 48fps, etc. Lucas has said repeatedly that Disney will protect the Star Wars brand. While that may be true to some extent, my fear is they will completely pimp out the franchise: new movies, new television shows, new books, new comics, etc. If you thought Star Wars was a licensing machine before, you ain't seen nothing yet. The movies (at least Episodes I - VI) are about the Skywalkers - namely Anakin and Luke. That's been the key since day one. Disney's "Marvel's The Avengers" changed everything and I see them applying their Marvel formula to Star Wars. Now there's a real chance Joe Johnston will get his Boba Fett movie. The Star Wars universe is huge and now everything under the Star Wars banner will get a chance to shine at a theater near you. And that concerns me. Vader's story is done, but I've read rumors that Vader will be back in some capacity. That brings a chill to my spine - and not in the good way. I guess that's a long way of saying, "I have a bad feeling about this." I'm skeptical and cautious, but I love Star Wars enough to put my fears aside and hope for the best.
December 3, 2012 2:49 pm I have mixed feelings. When I think of Star Wars: Legacy I think of Ostrander and Duursema. We'll see how this new series is, but for me, a big part of Legacy will be missing.
November 19, 2012 1:48 pm Cost is the main reason I rarely buy comics any more. The value just isn't there any more. I can remember buying comics for $0.60 at the corner convenience store when I was growing up and I remember it bumping up to $0.75 and then $0.99. As soon as it broke $1 for an issue, I knew the day would come where we'd be buying comics for $4 and $5. Now with digital service, I see no reason for anything to be more than $0.99 because there's no physical property to hold in your hands. I've purchased a few $3.99 downloads and felt like I just didn't get my money's worth. Then there's the fact that i don't like a lot that's being produced by any company. I anticipate being out of comics completely within the next year.
October 10, 2012 1:11 pm *sigh* The suit looks better, except for the silly accents. Too bad it's black.
October 4, 2012 12:03 pm I was pretty disappointed in issue #12. For someone who doesn't like Marvel's current comic offerings, I tried AvX and thought it was decent enough. Better than the stuff that got me to drop Marvel in the first place, anyway. That said, I thought the series went out with a whimper. They put the final nail in the coffin of Cyclops' ruined character and Jean Grey didn't return. Yes, I wanted Jean to come back. Marvel NOW doesn't excite me, so I think they've blown their shot at getting my money again.
October 1, 2012 1:57 pm I'm thrilled with Green Lantern, Batman (except for the existence of Damien and the "Batman, Inc." concept) and Aquaman and feel rather "meh" about Justice League. For the flagship title of the DCnU, I feel that it's pretty well phoned in, particularly the art. I'm hoping when Reis takes over things will pick up a bit. As a BIG Superman fan, I'm incredibly disappointed at both Super titles. All I see when I read Action Comics is Clark as Superboy and I have no interest in Superboy. And God knows what's going on in the Superman title. All I know is the new suit looks ridiculous. I'll take red trunks over unnecessary Kryptonian ceremonial camouflage body armor any day. And please - PLEASE - bring back the classic S-shield. I can't stand the way that's drawn these days.