Name: Steve Seelig

Bio: Greetings to one and all!After spending my wee years being nourished on a healthy diet of Archie Comics, Gold Key Comics and Harvey Comics belonging to my sisters, I graduated to Superhero comics with a copy of DC Comics Presents Annual #1,purchased for me by one of my sisters after we had gone to see Superman II, in the theatres. (A copy I read many times.) Between the two, I was hooked for life! (Who wouldn't be after seeing Zod and company, especially the company!) From there, I became an avid reader of West Coast Avengers, which led to Avengers and also Daredevil. Frank Miller was great but I was also a big fan of Ann Noccenti. Romita Jr. was icing on the cake. I bought most of my early comics down the street at my local 7-11 in East Las Vegas or at the local Thrifty Drug where the spinner rack was right next to the ice cream scoop counter. Back Issues were discovered at a thrift shop that sold them for next to nothing. Good times! I discovered X-Men in 1991 (Imagine that! Damn you Jim Lee!) after years of just not seeing what the big deal was, thanks to the beautiful art of Jim Lee, on a chance visit to one of the first Comic Shops I ever encountered in Long Beach, CA. I have since built up quite a collection of said franchise, especially Uncanny, despite all of the madness the franchise has endured. It saddens me that the neo-architect of the franchise's greatness, Chris Claremont, has become such a bitter old man. Like many, I left the hobby for most of the 90's largely due to the over emphasis on the value of books, and the introduction of variant covers, holograms and trading cards. (Plus there were way too many mullets going on in comics) Like a fool I gave my cherished collection to a deserving young lad as I had felt as I had outgrown them. (Fool!) While I have since built up a healthy collection, I have only begun to rebuild the collection of my youth.I was drawn back in with the announced release of the first X-Men movie and was impressed with how much comics had progressed and how writing had once again become valued in regards to comics. I truly believe comics creatively are in a golden age. There is so much quality material out there. While my roots are with Marvel , at present I find myself attracted to both the DC and Marvel universes. To be honest, I am surprised that I didn't end up a lifelong DC fan. I love the idea of a multiverse and the iconic, historical and legacy driven nature of the DC universe. I fully embrace Superhero comics but also find myself exploring more artistic and independent fare as well. In the end, what ultimately matters to me is whether the comic is engaging, both in terms of art and writing. I tend to steer away from titles where the violence or sex is over the top. (Not perfect in avoiding this completely; I am mostly bothered when it gets in the way of telling the story.) I'm not a big fan of Variant Covers and prefer Floppies over Trade Paperbacks and Hardcovers (Unless I am purchasing an indie title, limited series or it is historically or artistically relevant). I like TPB for the convience but in terms of collecting  superhero comics I prefer floppies. Call me a purist, but I do also think I am, in part, driven by nostalgia in this choice of preference.In life I am a Librarian with a background in History and Sociology, and as such am attracted to the history of comics and the influencial role they have played in society at large. To my mind, they are modern mythology and are just as significant as Norse, Greek, or Roman Mythology. I am an avid supporter of the role comics and graphic novels can play in promoting reading and creativity and believe they are a powerful and effective means in which difficult to discuss issues such sexuality, domestic violence, war and the like can be addressed.

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July 25, 2009 1:40 pm If one is planing to purchase a large number of back issues, does anyone have suggestions for transporting them back to the hotel?
May 15, 2009 3:38 pm The world will always be full of thoughtless and cruel people who get off on tearing down everyone and everything around themselves for the pure pleasure of the act. "Mean people suck" is a adage almost as essential in knowing as "Do unto others". It all comes down to Karma: You will get in return what you give out. (It's a nice thought anyway.) Life is about community, support and discovery. That is why the Arts and Entertainment are such a joy: There is so much to discover, share and ultimately be shaped and transformed by. It is the gift of the artist, whether in a high class gallery or a shoebox theatre playing a popcorn film: to touch and engage the heart and mind with a line of ink, a carefully chosen word or an action whether technical or in movement. Life is too short to humor those whose sole passion is to be cruel and exclusionary; The world has already suffered too long at the hands of those types.
April 30, 2009 1:32 pm To be honest, I can't think of much to add that is not already include in the peice. Your words are thoughtful and well chosen. If someone were to ask me why I still read comics, I would simply hand them a copy of this article and say, "The same goes for me."
April 21, 2009 1:57 pm Bring back the writers! (Only kidding. ;)) May I suggest a battle royale with Around Comics Lucha Libre style! Bring it! Seriously though, I'd love to listen to a crossover roundtable discussion involving both shows. Hilarity and antics would be sure to ensue, I'm sure of that fact.
April 19, 2009 10:48 am Another engaging and thoughtful peice from the snarky Brit!
April 6, 2009 5:57 pm Conor, Josh and Ron who? I would love to see more writer's episodes. I very much enjoyed what I just listened to on the podcast. Maybe a quarterly writer's show to alleviate Conor, Josh and Ron burnout by the audience? I think it is a splendid idea. Not that I ever get sick of you fellas, a little variety though can go a long way to keeping this wonderful creation fresh.
March 31, 2009 4:21 pm I'd take Chicago over New York City ANY day of the week. While the iFanboy crew (writers included) are never and dear to my heart and are pleasing to my eyes and ears, NO ONE can beat the pure, unbridled cynicism and snarkiness of Around Comics!
September 21, 2008 9:22 pm Lives, sorry.
September 21, 2008 9:06 pm
Well, isn't Sonia just a little ray of sunshine! "The Lifes of Others" is such a wonderful film. The lady has taste! Sonia, have you ever seen another German film titled "The Tunnel"? If so, what did you think of it? Anyway, I love your frankiness. I find it endearing. (Although I must say I miss Ron's orgasmic fanboy enthusiasm that often explodes in fits of laughter.)
August 25, 2008 6:12 pm I was touched by the honesty, insight and humor of this articles.