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Pick of the Week #177 – The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #5

Show Notes

This week, Josh Flanagan throws caution to the breeze, Conor Kilpatrick gets let go, Ron Richards fails at dramatic reading, and all the guys get underestimated! The guys are together in one room and things get a bit loopy.

Running Time: 00:56:33

Pick of the Week:
00:02:08 – Vampire Viet Cong invade Ron’s Pick of the Week, The Umbrella Academy #5!

00:11:27 – Fred Van Lente brings it with The Amazing Spider-Man #589.
00:13:44 – What the hell isn’t wrong with Justice League of America #31?
00:17:17 – Bureaucracy is embraced by all in The New Avengers #51.
00:20:43 – Proof #18 revels in Victorian splendor.
00:23:44 – Nova #23 is a rollicking Quasar good time.
00:26:18 – Josh is loving the new artist in Guardians of the Galaxy #12.
00:27:13 – On a lark, Josh picked up Conan the Cimmerian #9 and really enjoyed it.
00:28:00 – Superman #686 is bold.
00:29:00 – The story ends the only way it really could in Battlefields: Dear Billy #3.
00:30:45 – Michael Lark rocks everyone in Daredevil #117.

User Reviews:
00:32:27 – cyberauron really, really loved X-Force/Cable Messiah War Prologue.
00:35:15 – akamuu enjoyed the story but hated the art in Muppet Show #1.

00:39:19 – Pat (patio) takes issue with Marvel’s Top 70 Issues of All-Time.
00:42:42 – Tex doesn’t know where to start with reading Marvel Comics.
00:44:28 – Baoky (smeeeeee) has a problem with super hero heights.

“Been There All The Time”
Dinosaur Jr.



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  1. The Bendis Omnibus isn’t his whole run. What is silly though is that Marvel is releasing a Brubaker Daredevil Omnibus BEFORE releasing another Bendis one to finish his run.

  2. I’m psyched that Josh took a stand on the whole "Sign me up!" thing.

  3. My name Baoky is pronounced BOW-Key

  4. Oh so you guys got my tweet then? 🙂

  5. "Hydra… fuck them."

  6. I was 5’7" when I was 17… it’s not that short. Damn… it totally is.

  7. @ron: ‘I kinda wanna read Deadpool now’

    Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it Do it

  8. if it makes you feel any better brad pitt is only 5’11", I’ve also only been 5’10” since year 8.

    I’m so glad josh mentioned comic fandom’s proclivity to hype ridiculous things. It’s one of the things that make “normal” people roll they eyes.

  9. Okay you made me do it, I’m ordering the first trade of the Umbrella Academy.

  10. Ha! I beat you all. 5′ 3”, ha ha….

    Oh geez I am so short…

  11. there was an issue of Daredevil on the Marvel list – http://www.marvel.com/seventy_years/countdown/winners/comics/rank/12

  12. Were you guys all in the same room for this one?  Because it felt like it had that extra bit of fun energy.  Or maybe it was because you all started out so excited about Umbrella Academy — great show!

    Re: Messiah War, the Deadpool in that is a future Deadpool, so I’m pretty sure it’s not going to cross over with Way’s ‘Deadpool’ series.  that’s crossing over with Thunderbolts right now.  Not saying you shouldn’t read it, but I’m pretty sure MW is only going to be Cable & XForce.

  13. @s1lentslayer. You’re making a great choice. Umbrella academy is a fantastic book.

  14. @piscespaul: That makes sense.  I would have been really surprised had that issue not been on the list.

  15. I wish DC would beg, and somehow get Morrison to write JLA

  16. Derrick Robertson was saying at wondercon that after the movie came out that Marvel wouldn’t let him draw wolverine short

  17. Superhero age is like the simpsons, they can have as many birthdays as possible, but they will never really age



    I comment too much 

  18. I really want to read a JLA book.  This new series isn’t doing it for me and hasn’t since the beginning.  Fail.

  19. I’m confused on why Robinson’s ‘Justice League’ turned from ongoing to mini. What did he say/do to Didio to make him short his title like that? I was actually looking forward to it, even if I am not a fan of Robinson. Hal Jordan, Oliver Queen, and a Golden Gorilla with a human brain? Win, win baby

  20. Am I the only one who dug Nova but hated the art?

  21. @brian: Hey I dug the art and hated the story!

    We’re a miss matched pair! 🙂

  22. @TNC-Why do you always like to imply that something bad had to happen or someone must have gotten screwed over?  There could be many reasons why it was turned into a mini.  I know its going to be fully painted now, so that could be why. 

  23. @drake: It’s my sense of humor…..it might not work for some but hey….it worked for Woody Allen…

    Also with the Justice League mini, I mean the guys ron said it on the podcast. A full year of this being annouced as a full blow ongoing series and now suddenly, like 2-3 weeks ago it’s annouced it’s just a mini. It cant be just for the art, although like JG Jones the artist could’ve screwed the writer over by not doing his job on time…

  24. @brianmaru – The Nova art wasn’t the prettiest, but it did the job.  But yes, I know what you mean.

  25. #12 on the list is daredevil #181…

  26. @eagle6002: Yep, as piscespaul indicated above.

  27. You guys don’t know how to pronounce cyberauron???  You guys obviously haven’t played Final Fantasy X 😉

    The discussion about heights was great.  I wish most artist would still draw Wolverine as a shorty though.

    And the opening shots of the iFanboy/Around Comics War have been fired.  Bring it on.

  28. Hey Tex! Get Flash: Rebirth. Comes out next week I think.

  29. really great episode guys, the energy was a lot of fun!

  30. @TNC I read something in which Dan Didio said that because the JLARobinson is painted DC wants to make it seem extra special by not having it be more than a mini. (I may have garbled this, but  it makes no sense to me). I don’t like painted superhero stuff, I’d rather have a nice Sal Buscema drawn monthly.

    Ifanboy chaps, I was surprised you didn’t shout out the art in Supeman, I thought it was stunning, especially the look of Metropolis.

  31. On ASM: I totally thought that Spider-Man looked like it was drawn like McFarlane, and I loved it when Ron confirmed my thought as I don’t typically analyze the art.  Great episode as usual.

  32. @Mart: If that’s the case, then why wasnt it a mini in the first place? You cant just balantly say one thing for a full year then change your mind on the last second….But enough about that topic.

    I dont listen to Around Comics (but I do read Tom va The Flash)….do they know yet of this fake feud your starting?

  33. @ piscespaul and others – yeah, I swear that Daredevil issue wasn’t on the list Friday when I sent the email. I don’t know what happened. Anyway, one issue for hornhead ain’t enough in my book. But I liked the guys’ take on lists and what gets put on them.

    Incidentally, did anyone vote on this? I’m curious what the nominated choices were.

  34. I only heard about that Top Marvel Books list after it was finished. I was less troubled by the new books on it than I was by the presence of that holo-cover X-Men issue where Wolverine gets his skeleton ripped out. I’d also like to find everyone who voted for "Marvel Comics #1" and shake them by the shoulders until they admit they’ve never seen it in their lives.

    It reminds me of when the local classic rock station does their annual top 500 rock songs, and every so often they let Boston beat Zeppelin and people call in as if Robert Plant will now be forced to watch them burn "Stairway to Heaven."

  35. @TNC: Around Comics started it a few weeks ago, I think in connection with iTunes reviews.  I haven’t heard anything more on their cast in a few weeks, but I haven’t listened to this weeks- maybe there’ll be something.

  36. I shouldn’t be surprised that a bunch of east coast elites are down on a good old fashioned podcast that is meant for the Joe Punchclock of the comic reading world. 

    That smell is America.

  37. @Katers: I see Stephen Colbert has been writing your posts lately…

  38. Wow–I was writing an email to you guys to ask about the wacky lettering in Superman 686, but then I hit the part in the podcast about that very thing.  My question though, in case you feel like addressing it at any point in any way:

    Is it the writer who specifies which words should be bold?  Is it the letterer’s choice?  Does this vary from book to book?  I’ve actually found that a bunch of DC books (I only started reading DC regularly with New Krypton) have a weird feel to the dialogue sometimes, but this is the first time it was entirely clear to me that the problem was the bolding.  It’s like listening to a bad actor read the lines.

  39. I didnt realise William Shatner was playing Mon-El in Superman…

  40. @ThomasKaters – You know and I know that Joe Punchclock is a barely literate asshole.

    @bansidhewail – It’s the writer’s job usually. I suppose a letterer could take liberties, but an editor should have been there to see that anyway.

  41. Is Joe Punchclock related to Joe Sixpack?

  42. @ Josh – Joe Punchclock just left the office early. Lookin’ mad. I’d watch out if I were you.

  43. I really, really agree with Josh when it comes to the sentiment that quality storytelling has to back up the random, wacky plot elements that so many readers love to heartily favor for their surface value. "Giant green jumping lollipop people whose mission in like is convincing people to drink Paps Blue Ribbon?! Sign me up and preorder me the first 200 issues of that series!" Nah. But if a good writer can make random, wacky elements like that work within (or against) the backdrop of a good plot? Hey, that makes us appreciate the craziness all the more. It’s what Morrison did during Doom Patrol all the time, and it’s apparently what’s going on in Umbrella Academy too.

    I disagree about New Avengers, though. I see the way you guys read it–I’m seeing what you’re seeing–but I think the issue after issue of talky team bureaucracy is exactly the WORST thing in comics today. I think it’s the harbinger of death to this industry. When I was a kid I would always get real pissed whenever the superheroes wouldn’t ever actually use their powers during an issue. New Avengers basically represents Marvel catering to an aging audience who doesn’t mind Wolverine not using his claws. But what you’ve got is a series in which, during many (most?) issues, there’s no real reason for these characters to wear superhero costumes. The costumes are just there because the aging readership is comforted by seeing them. There’s almost no reason for this to be a superhero title. Instead we could just have Bendis write an issue of middle-aged people sitting around talking about what’s going on in their lives–that can be good; it’s called drama; people like Ibsen have done it–but I guess the aging comics readership needs to see the characters wearing spandex to be interested in seeing that. And this is Marvel’s flagship title? Too bad, because young kids would want to read the flagship title (more than they would the kiddie "Adventures" line), but kids don’t want to read talkingheads… 

  44. @flapjaxx: You’re assuming that kids want to read comics that aren’t manga.*  The comics audience is adult and the stories cater to them.  Does that put a shelf life on the industry?  Of course.


    *Yes, yes – some kids read comics.

  45. Just be sure, you guys said that around comics smells like Smegma?


    Anyway good show

  46. @MoniBolis: Nope, we said it was on their microphones.

  47. I’d take Chicago over New York City ANY day of the week. While the iFanboy crew (writers included) are never and dear to my heart and are pleasing to my eyes and ears, NO ONE can beat the pure, unbridled cynicism and snarkiness of Around Comics!

  48. It’s really a testament to what a good show you guys consistently put out that I can read only one of the books you cover and still love listening.

    Also, I’ve been listening to a lot of iFanboy archive episodes lately while I do boring data entry at work, so forgive me if this wasn’t the episode where it came up, but I can assure you that not everyone in New Jersey loves Bon Jovi.  In fact, I know from personal experience that people from Jon Bon Jovi’s hometown have especially mixed feelings on the subject.  😉

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