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    LocoLobo73's Recent Comments
    December 3, 2010 9:55 am I agree with Connor and i think we had talked back and forth on this on the review of Vatos, but what kirkman is trying to show is that Even with everything going on , Society falling apart, law and order non existant, Now is the most important time to have some moral code, the show is about doing whats right even when no body else expects you to, its about being Human in the face of inhumanity. In a world of monsters both living and walking dead, its actually more important now to be Humane
    December 1, 2010 1:55 pm LMAO , you all crack me up, yes this is a big moment , but i love how everyone is now like yeah the dialog is all clunky at points, and yeah i thought the writing was weak , your all nuts. this is one of the best written shows on Tv and It is probally in the top 5 tv series in the past 5 years as well. Am I concerned that they tossed the whole staff , no not really, the story has been plotted, so now they just need to add their inturpetationof the material and take into account what Darabont wanted to add to the show himself, would I love to see a show with both Darabont and Kirkman writing every episode , hell yeah , but that wont happen, but i cant wait to see who does come out and write for them. Im sure their are plenty of big name writers that would love a shot at an episode, like Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright
    November 29, 2010 5:48 pm

    @j206  i agree, its a logical step to goto the CDC, but i dont get the comment about how it takes them out of the show, first off its one dude , whom seems to be kinda nuts himself, so i really dont see there being much help there. Also im pretty sure all his research went up in smoke and like some people have stated i think its going to be more about how they are going to get out and where do they go from here. It may also serve as a link to their next stop or more then likely the Doc was infected when the acid started to eat through his glove when he was wiping the sample down.

    November 29, 2010 1:05 pm

    ONLY 1 MORE LEFT , NNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!!, Ok this show continues to have me sitting on the edge of my seat, this emotional rollercoaster keeps finding new ways to keep the avivid readers and the new viewers guessing at whats coming next. A few people who have read the books balked lastnight when they mentioned the CDC and going to it. To me im not sure Id want anything to do with going to the city and I think the Army Base would have been a better idea, but for the sake of the story it fits better for them to be near Atlanta. This show continues to develope the relationships of our cast as we start to see them coming closer together as things continue to get worse. Now with half of their camp eaten and the rest deciding what to do next  the internal stress begins to build between our leaders Rick and Shane, Rick leading with his heart and morals , and Shane seemingly with his head , and some what of his cowardess, but that does nt feel quiet right , shanes not a coward , but he isnt so eager to put people in harms way. This lends way to an intresting situation, to stay or Go, now Rick doesnt want to sit around on their hands, he wants answers and he wants help, Shane wants to gather who he can and protect that and to hell with anyone else. The story is about the Living and about the difference between doing whats right and doing what has to be done. The writing continues to amaze me, we can feel the peoples turmoil and pain we want them to live and push on, and deep inside all of us are just waiting to see who gets picked off next.  

    November 29, 2010 8:51 am

    The Light,  Jeez I hope this Dr light is alot more like the Identity Crisis verison.

    November 29, 2010 8:45 am

    Conor i think we are going to continue to see the team go through changes and I dont think the Hulk will be a regular on the show. i think he will pop in and out depending on the crisis. like he has done through out comic book history. The Avengers have to mess with Thanos , In drops Ol Jade Jaws. I like how they have a multitude of Heroes dropping in, I mean If you look at the history of the Avengers, who in the Marvel Universe hasnt been an Avenger at some point , right lol

    November 27, 2010 11:13 am

    Alright , so if I ignore the lack of continuity of character, and Ignore the lame and poorly written dialog , yeah the show is good , it really does have excellent artwork, though the action pacing is still not up to par with any of the current action cartoons on tv. Dc has been the kings of animation for a long time with great shows and impeccable dialog and scripting. This was a very forced and not well paced show and was not the best way to start off a series. I currently own all of the DC animated shows and Movie, most of which i think are great. This just doesnt live up to the shows and movies Dc has put out in the past 10 years. Sorry it doesnt. The most important thing is, are the stories going to live up to the characters and this doesnt. I have everyhope that this show does improve , I like the characters and am a big fan of the Titans and i really dont care if the mashed up so fo the stuff, but i hope they limit the amount of major differences. Blockbuster was a lowlevel street thug who had his ass handed to him on a regualr basis by Robin and also Impulse, But hed had nothing to do with cadmus. I Did like them having Dubbilex and Gaurdian in the episode though great touch.

    November 27, 2010 9:16 am

    last nights episode was good and i do half agree with additions to the cast, the thief i like and the benafactor Mrs. Pucci i could do without. However, the show still seems to have all the elements that I loved about the first season and Jackie Earl Haley is amazing 

    November 27, 2010 8:55 am yesterday was a great day for animation and the evening was topped off with another excellent double episode of the the Avengers i watched young Justice first and was seriously diappointed , the art was great , but the show missess everything that makes Avengers so Damn Good.  Storyline, dialoug, art direction pacing and the respect of the Marvel Cannon. This show just continues to get better and better and the banter between Ol Jade Jaws and Cupid was awesome.
    November 27, 2010 8:48 am

    I watched Young Justice Lastnight, and I d like to say the altough the art was outstanding the show does lack in substance.  The Show starts out like in the preview clips with all the young heroes getting ready to be inducted into the Justice league, atleast that s what they think is happen, upon arriving at the Hall of Justice which looks pretty cool The Younings find out that they are not being treated as equals or even parteners from the senior memebers of the league. This causes Speedy to throw a fit and storm out of the Hall swearing that the young heroes deserve to be treated in this manner if they were not willing to stand up for themselves , he also Quits as Green Arrows Partner. Speedy also lets the audience know that the Hall is just a front for the tourist and that the real headquarters is in WATCHTOWER, an orbital bases. The league receives an emergency alert requiring all memebers assistance, holding off their investigation of Cadamus. The Kids are ordered to Stay put , but these kids are not exactly  put off by these words of warning and take it upon them selves to solve this case before the league can , in order to prove themselves.  Robin the Boy Wonder  and master hacker(its apparent that they are combining Dick Grayson and Tim Drakes characters in making this Robin.

    Ok so before I go on Id Like to Point out that so far none of the Kids have been formally introduced,  but from what i can tell is this ..... Robin: Dick Grayson; Speedy: Roy Harper(also the only one called by name during the episode) Kid Flash : Wally West ; Aqua Lad: unknown : Superboy: currently un named , but pretty sure they are going to go with Conner and then finally Miss Martian.

    Ok so back to the story After Robin hacks the JL s computer they find out the location of the Cadmus location  so they can investigate the strange fire that has broken out.. Upon arriving on the scene our trio manage to rescue some scientist from the fire then enter the building to investigate. while looking around Aqualad sees someone in the elevator but the door closes. lad lets the other two know and they discover that the elevator leads to a underground base. After discovering that Cadmus has been creating an army of genetic creature. We are also intoduced to Gaurdian (head of Security for Cadmus)whom appears to be telepaticlly controlled By Dr Desmond (which is a major fault with the show IMO) Ok also to point out they do not tell you who the Doctor is either at this point in the episode , i personally thought he was Dr Donovan  the orignal creator of the DNA aliens. We also discover the Shadow cabinet that is behind Cadmus, now we cant see who any of the people are but we are given a pretty clear idea whom one of the people are and that is DR Light . So our Young Heroes travel further in to complex and run into a lab that is housing a cloned copy of Superman.  Superboy as he is quickly titled is still being controlled but telepathic means attacks our young heroes and makes quick work of them. Captured By cadmaus the heroes are about to be used and then disposed of when a unknown voice awakens Superboy and tells him to help the young heroes and then to get out , we also learn during the heroes escape that the voice has been trying to help superboy from the start. The Voice we find out comes from Dubbilex whom had set the fire and lured the heroes to help free Superboy from cadmus' controll.

    As our heroes are almost home free, DR Demond , as he is called takes a serum to turn himself into BlockBuster a mutated Meta, that tries to stop all the heroes from escaping. The Heroes pull them selves together and take down Blockbuster as a team when the JL arrive on the scene. The League which is a regular who s who of the Justice league are all shown, Batman begins to scold the kids for diobeying orders , when the kids stand up and tell them they are sticking together weather they like it or not , they they had been trained by them to be heroes and thats what they where going to do. Superboy and Supes have a little talk and Superman is noticiblly uncomfortable with his clone and tells the clone they will figure it out.  They flash away to an Island where the Jl decides to set up the young heroes in the JLs original Base of justice Island

    The Young heros are then told that they would be used as a covert team for the JL and that Red Tornado would be their Supervisor, Black Canary their Trainer, and Batman their misson planner.

    OK, so i really wanted this show to be good and was intially geared up by the previews and art direction, how ever this show falls very short in many ways, First we have changes in the line up and characters which is fine, I actually like the new Aqualad most out all the characters, but some of the charatcers  are just not good representation of their comic version. Robin who is always portrayed as the leader and most confident , seems to play the second banna , now it does appear at times that they are trying to make Robin to be like Batman, a loner.  Kid Flash is handled like a shadow of his original character, in fact it seems at times that some of KF(as Robin refers to him) lines went to Robin. Like I said above im pretty sure this is the Wally West version of KF, but he does nt come across as Wally but a shadow of the character. Aqualad is handled the best IMO , but this is mainly due to him being a completely new character created for the show. I also felt that Superboy  was handled well , the swings in his anger was great and it did remind me of some of the earlier issues of the comic when Conner is struggling with who he is, should be intresting to see if they tie him to LL.  That being said the show takes a whole lot of liberty with Dc cannon, now I read that this isnt our DCU , but that of earth 616 , but afterspending the last month watching the Avengers: EMH, I think DC went the wrong way. Im grading the show a C+ for a few reasons one , if you are changing cannon but not letting the audienceknow , then you have to explain who people are, one of the things that makes Avengers good is that the audience can recognize the heroes and villians. Young Justice falls short on this pretty badly, through much of the episode. the story pacing was good but kinda broke down at parts, it seemed that they had alot to say but just failed on the delivery. I hope this show continues to grow and learn,  I would have given the show higher marks if they did nt completely go off track with the characters , Brave and the Bold , brings new characters in all the time and does nt have to go in great detail about because the keep the main feel of the character the same, and even when they are showing different characters from different eras they are still identifible, the audience is treated with intelligence, this is where Young Justice fails, they handle the show like a trick question.