Human Target – S02E02 – The Wife’s Tale

In last week's fun and breezy second season premiere episode we had two new cast members join the team and they didn't help as ratings for the episode were bad. So bad, in fact, that it was the lowest rated episode of Human Target ever. Enjoy this one while you can, folks!

As always, I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Why is nobody is watching this show, it’s awesome!

  2. <—-trade waiting. Sorry

  3. I missed out on this show for its first season and caught up on its hiatus.  And season 1 is an amazing run.  I’m not so sure about season 2.  The show runner has been changed, 2 unneeded annoying characters added to give the show…I don’t know ‘spice’ I guess, and the brilliant muscial director dismissed.  The new show runner is on record as not having even seen an episode until he got the job.  I just listened to an interview with him on TV Talk with Ryan and Ryan podcast and I have to say now I’m even more very worried about one of my favorite shows.  The new show runner is from Chuck and I really like that show so I’m gonna give it a chance but man they ain’t makin’ it easy. 

    This another one of those leasons we are all learning this year.  Talk about the things you like when they are happening.  I missed that oportunity and now I’m doing the typical internet thing and complaining about the changes.  I hope I’m wrong.  This was and hopefully will continue to be a great show.  Those that missed out I urge you to seek out the first season.

     Stay possi’ in 2010.  LOL

  4. Am I the only one who thinks it’s cool that they showed the monitor table not working made it seem more real?  Does anyone know if those things really exist?

  5. I don’t usually watch this show but I’m watching tonight’s episode.  I thought the parking garage shootout was great. 

  6. This show is great, from Mark Valley, to Chi McBride, to Jackie Earl Haley…  Also with the addition to Janet Montgomery (Skins, one of the best dramas in BBC) is also a huge draw.  You are a fool not to watch this show… also its based on a comic book I haven;t read… (shame, but have a free issue from NYCC)

  7. If this show doesn’t get at least an entire season 2, I’m gonna cry. This is what Undercovers whish it could have been, and should have been. From the characters to the action choreography,  it’s great! What are people watching? Reality Shows? The 18th version of CSI? C’mon, dudes.

  8. I do have to say that the new characters are really Cousin Oliver-ing up this season. I’m really not warming to this season like I did the last.
  9. I didn’t even know the first episode was on until I came here. To my knowledge it has no ad revenue behind it, so no wonder it couldn’t maintain it’s weak position.

    I loved both episodes, hope it keeps going. 

  10. last nights episode was good and i do half agree with additions to the cast, the thief i like and the benafactor Mrs. Pucci i could do without. However, the show still seems to have all the elements that I loved about the first season and Jackie Earl Haley is amazing