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Comics’ Bipolar Episode

Relaunch Fever! Total burnout! Can you remember an era that was full of this much excitement and this much ennui at the exact same time?

VIDEO: Scott Snyder Answers Your Questions!

Re-live the magic of our SURPRISE guest on the iFanboy live stream this past Friday.

Swamp Thing #1 Page One

Take a… look at the… first page.

Scott Snyder Offers Extensive SWAMP THING Teaser on Twitter

Sorely seeking September? Snyder sows some story seeds.

From Baltimore, The 2011 Harvey Award Winners!

Who were the big winners in last night’s Harvey Awards presentation? A lot of iFanboy favorites walked away with statuettes!

Scott Snyder Gives Impromptu Twitter Description of New Batman Series

Out of nowhere, the writer let us know quite a lot about what’s coming up in Batman.