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Cover Preview: SUICIDE RISK #6

Don’t sign!

Preview: SUICIDE RISK #3

Some men talk to each other.

SUICIDE RISK #5 Covers Should Call a Hotline

That headline is not OK. We know that much.

Exclusive Covers: Mike Carey’s SUICIDE RISK #4

It’s fun to say “Elena Casagrande” out loud.

iFlashback! February 25th, 2004

It’s time for another blast from the past. Take a look at some of the comics you were reading this week nine years ago.

THE UNWRITTEN Tackles a Startling New Fiction World in a Crossover With FABLES

With a gorgeous jam piece by Peter Gross and Mark Buckingham to boot!

iFlashback! January 7th, 2004

2003 may have ended but iFlashback keeps on rolling on! Join us as we travel through the Ghosts of Comic Books Past.

Exclusive Preview: THE UNWRITTEN #43

A raccoon divided against itself cannot stand. As they say.

iFlashback! October 22nd, 2003

These comics arrived at your comic shop back in October of 2003. Let’s see how well they have aged nine years later!

iFlashback! September 24th, 2003

Come check out the comics on the stands nine years ago today. A gruesome lot this week. Just gruesome.