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iFlashback! July 21st, 2004

It was an eclectic week this week in comics nine years ago. Check out the books you were reading back in 2004!

iFlashback! April 7th, 2004

It’s just like going back in time only less dangerous and not as expensive. Check out that comics that you were buying in 2004.

iFlashback! November 26th, 2003

Some great comics came out nine years ago, including one with a killer George Perez cover. Check out what was hitting the stands back in 2003.

Movie Review: ‘Superman vs. The Elite’

“What’s so funny ’bout truth, justice and the American way?”

iFlashback! June 4th, 2003

iFlashback is BACK! Take a trip to 2003 and see who the Marvel “Architect” really was for that year!

iFlashback! April 30th, 2003

Did you know they made comics all the way back in 2003? Take a gander at some of those comics from the dark ages before we had smart phones and sham-wows.

TRAILER: Superman vs. The Elite

Superman is cool. You damn punk kids…

Spotlight: A.K.A.

Die. No. Might.