Spotlight: A.K.A.

In the irreverent spirit of Black Dynamite and Afrodisiac, comes A.K.A., a grindhouse feature in dot-pitch comic form by Steven Walters and Rob Reilly!

Thrill to the explosive adventures of Adrian “Black Terror” Truelove, cuckold gunman Guy Doyle and the woman that came between them. At first it’s a case of ebony and ivory living together in not so perfect harmony. It’s only when mob heavies come calling that Adrian and Guy unite, bound by honor and a shared appreciation for street justice. ┬áSee, Truelove canoodled with the wrong man’s daughter and now there’s a bounty on his head. Best believe it’s gonna take a whole lot of fire power to take him down.

And that’s only the feature presentation! Double-sized A.K.A. #1 is packed with additional stories of one-girl armies and vigilante priests. It’s all presented as coming attractions from the likes of Joe Kelly, Bryan J.L. Glass, John Broglia, David Zuzelo, Jay Piscopo!

This is an exploitation tale to be sure. Race. Sex. Violence. Religion. Vampires. Werewolves. Aliens. Babies. Nobody is safe. Least of all Truelove and Doyle. But they’re ready to even the score right quick.

Grab the first two issues on Graphicly today. Here’s a preview from the super sized #1 issue!






  1. The art reminds me of Chew

  2. but not as good.