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Halloween Horror Review: IN A LAND OF MAGIC by Josh Simmons

For his final Halloween horror review of the month, Sam Costello dives deep into dark, transgressive work of Josh Simmons in In a Land of Magic.

Cosplayers and Halloween: A Love/Hate Relationship

Molly gets a little testy around Halloween…

Halloween Horror Review: THE WOLF by Tom Neely

Wordless comics can be difficult, but some stories, those with particularly powerful images, like The Wolf, can overcome the need for words.

Halloween Horror Review: Too Dark to See/Flesh and Bone, by Julia Gfrörer

More than any other genre, horror is concerned with our messy insides. And when our insides come out, blood comes with them. But there’s another fluid, essential to life, that plays a role in some horror and, notably, the comics of Julia Gfrörer: semen. (Needless to say, this review is a bit NSFW.)

Show Us Your Halloween Costume 2011!

It’s that time of year again!

Halloween Horror Review: Death Trap by Lane Milburn

It’s an old story: children venture into the woods, or into the countryside on a trip, and encounter a group of strange, deadly people, sometimes monsters, who live there. Stark, brutal violence ensues.

The Top 10 Geeky Halloween Costumes of 2011

Molly searched the very corners of the internet to bring you the best geeky costume options of 2011.