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Great Pages: SUPERMAN #199

The first Superman / Flash Race got off to a bang.

iFlashback! July 30th, 2003

Big week for comics this week nine years ago. Flash hits a milestone. Batman digs up a grave stone. Thor carries a big stone (It’s a hammer).

Stay at Home Con-Sensus: “Who is the Best Flash?”

Timmy and Jeff bring the con to you as they reach consensus on the greatest Flash of all time.

Getting Taken Out of The Story (By Bad Science)

Your results may vary.

When Opinions Leave The Internet

The trials and tribulations of talking with mouths instead of fingers.

DC Histories: Speed Force

The power behind the Flash Family.

DC Histories: Bart Allen (Impulse / Kid Flash II / Flash IV)

Bart Allen, grandson of the second Flash, has been racing through the DCU since 1994. Try to keep up with him in this week’s continuity marathon!

Earth 2: The New Jay Garrick Revealed

From the Golden Age to the sewer.

The Best of the Week in Covers – 12.28.2011

That about covers it for 2011.