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Comic Book Casting: The CAPTAIN MARVEL (Carol Danvers) Movie

Step aside, Captain America… there’s a new hero in town.

Comic Book Casting: The BOOSTER GOLD Live-Action Movie

Or, How comics’ great gloryhound could become one of the most gripping superhero movies ever.

Comic Book Casting: The SUICIDE SQUAD Live-Action Movie

America’s worst villains become their most secret fighting force.

Comic Book Casting: The STATIC SHOCK Live-Action Movie

The re-rebirth of the cool.

Comic Book Casting: MADMAN Live-Action Movie

Live in full color…. the oddity odyssey!

Comic Book Casting: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS Movie

What if they finally made the movie version of the comic BATMAN movies have been ripping off for the past thirty years?

Comic Book Casting: The LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES Movie

Futuristic comic book fanboys (and fangirls) start their own superhero squad.

Comic Book Casting: The DAMAGE CONTROL Animated Series

The hardest workin’ men and women in superhero comics. Why? Because they’re the ones that clean up all the mess.

Comic Book Casting: The WHERE IS JAKE ELLIS? Television Series

A spy whodunit where you don’t even know who the title character is!

Comic Book Casting: The CASANOVA Movie

Secret agent…. man.