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Comic Book Casting: Teen Titans Movie

Forget a Justice League movie… DC needs a Teen Titans movie!

Comic Book Casting: The COURTNEY CRUMRIN Movie

Could this be the next kid’s fantasy blockbuster? Here’s the secret formula!

Comic Book Casting: The CABLE Movie

He went from being Cyclops’ baby boy to the future’s last hope; I hope he has enough pouches to carry all the ammo for those big guns.

Comic Book Casting: The CHEW TV Series

Fans of CHEW will want to get a bite of this!

Comic Book Casting: PLANETARY TV Series

They’ve been all over the world and back, but the next thing we want them to find is a TV series to match the comic.

Comic Book Casting: The 100 BULLETS TV Series

If you explained the concept of the 100 Bullets by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso to someone without telling them…

Comic Book Casting: Luke Cage, The TV Series

Just wait for the episode where Cage goes to collect the money Dr. Doom owes him.

Comic Book Casting: An ‘Animal Man’ TV Series

He’s back amongst the living thanks to DC’s New 52, so let’s take that buzz of a bumblebee and transform it to movies!