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Great Pages: UNCANNY X-MEN #142

Wolverine learns the limits of his healing factor.

iFlashback! June 2nd, 2004

It is time for a blast from the past. Check out the comics that you were reading nine years ago!

iFlashback! May 12th, 2004

It’s the books that came out in 2004! Check out the comics that you bought for your mom on mothers day nine years ago.

iFlashback! May, 5th, 2004

These are the comics that came out on May 5, 2004. You most likely were drinking a margarita while you were going through your stack.

Best of the Rest – May 2013

Y’know those publishers with all the Eisner nominations? Here’s some of their upcoming releases.

iFlashback! January 7th, 2004

2003 may have ended but iFlashback keeps on rolling on! Join us as we travel through the Ghosts of Comic Books Past.

Great Pages: UNCANNY X-MEN #213

Alan Davis presents an early battle between Wolverine and Sabretooth.

Great Pages: X-MEN #98

The X-Men spend some quality Christmas time in New York.

iFlashback! August 27th, 2003

These are the comics that came out nine years ago! Big week for both the Batman and the X-Men.

Bryan Singer Confirms: ‘X-Men: First Class’ Sequel is Called ‘Days of Future Past’

From the swinging’ 60s to the not-so-distant future.