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Written by JOHN ROZUM; Art and cover by FRAZER IRVING

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

We all know the fate of this series in a couple of months. So let’s just ignore it shall we? Yes it’s an unfortunate victim in the new DCU reboot but to be honest: Did we think this would last forever? So whatever John Rozum and Frazer Irving has in store for the last three issues we all know it’s gonna kick ass and look amazing.

This issue is ‘exposition city’ if you know what I mean. It focuses on the history of ‘The Ninth Stronghold’ and Annie’s relationship with the ultimate villain of the comic. This issue has more wacky ideas and characters to be sure. I mean how can you not like anything that have henchmen wearing an Eyeball mask? It did get a little bit tiresome to see so many wordballoons endlessly talk about this and that. But Rozum is able to keep it interesting for the most part and soon we are quickly wisked away to another huge setpiece.

It feels like this issue Irving was like ‘Fuck this, I’m gonna go even more psychedelic on your asses’. You gotta give Irving credit on his full commitment to put as many neon colors like bright pink all over a comic book. But it works every time and it keeps this one of the more unqiue looking comic books on the stands right now. There are also some interesting effects in this book; such as floating heads, cool hair designs (The Rabbi’s hair looks fuzzy as hell), and overall unique special effects. The book does have a great writer on board but if anything you should try this out for the unique art in this.

Even if there is a lot of info dumping in this issue I was still intrigued at where this story is going. We seemingly have everything set up for some epic battle in the near future. Rozum and Irving are bringing their ‘A’ game and are definitely giving us one of the most interesting books DC has to offer. While it’s a shame this book is going to disappear in a few months, that doesn’t mean you should just ignore it. Buy this comic now before it’s too late!

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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