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With Wolverine: Origins out pretty much everywhere expect the movie theaters it is hard not to compare this book to Matt Fraction’s Invincible Iron Man which launched right around the time of the release of the surprisingly popular Iron Man movie. Being a cynic, I was weary of Invincible Iron Man even though I was a fan of Fraction’s work on Immortal Iron Fist. I figured Marvel was just trying to cash in some more off of the movie’s release, but the book has come to be one of my favorite monthly Marvel titles. With this book I was less of a cynic because of how that title turned out and also because of my love for the work of Jason Aaron, in particular Scalped which is the BEST comic book on the stands month in and month out.

Unlike most, I have yet to read this creative team’s Wolverine mini Get Mystique so I have no exposure to their take on Wolverine. However, knowing that Aaron has a knack for stories like Scalped it came as no surprise that he absolutely nailed Wolverine. Dialogue with Wolverine can be trick because it always dances that line between really corny and really fucking bad-ass, thankfully Aaron stays on the side of really fucking bad-ass. None of the lines ever seem forced as they so often do when reading a Wolverine story.

In terms of story not too much happens in this first issue. We get to meet or at least hear about the major players Wolverine will be going after for the next four issues. The rest of the issue is Wolverine doing some snooping around which allows Aaron to begin to flesh out his take on the character nicely. Aaron’s plot line here doesn’t seem to be anything ground breaking based on this issue, but that is perfectly fine as long as he continues to have such a perfect voice for the main character.

Garney’s art in this issue matches the high quality of Aaron’s writing. The art is violent without being over the top and silly, and is rough and gritty without being overly sketchy.

The only bad thing about this issue is the price. Another $3.99 on-going title, thanks Marvel. You know what though I didn’t mind too much when I saw the book was going to have 8 pages of extras which I assumed would be a cool article by Aaron or some sketches. Instead I got some stupid bio pages on Maverick and the Weapon X program, and a 6 page preview for Ghost Rider. If you are going to charge me $3.99 when you are completely dominating market-share and making money hand over fist with your movies at least give me some fucking legit extra material.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Since you referred to Invicinble Iron Man in your review, I’ll ask this question — did you notice that the plot of this first issue is almost identical to the plot of Invicible Iron Man’s first issue?  Bad Iron men get a hold of Iron man like technology and do bad things with it.  In this issue — bad men get a hold of bad Wolverine like technology and are doing bad things with it.  I have heard great things about Jason Aaron as well and I did like his "style" of Wovlerine talking…I just hope this gets better and doesn’t go the same directions as IIM. 



  2. Ha that is really funny and totally obvious now that you mention it but no, I didn’t even think of that at all. I’m confident that this book will get better and I don’t think it will go in the same direction as IIM; I think the similarities like the one you pointed out will just stay surface level. A lot of that first IIM arc was centered around Tony’s fears, I don’t think we have to worry about anything like that with Wolverine ha.

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