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Note: This was originally posted in comments but I thought it fit better as a mini-review. Hence, the repost… Enjoy!

This one would’ve been my pick of the week but, since it’s a 2nd print, I went with GL #65. But back to Venom… I used to love Venom as the villain but when he became the anti-hero, his character seemed diluted to me. Seeing a new Venom is one of the things that brought me back to Marvel and between this issue and ASM #654.1, I’m liking Flash as Venom. The angle of having the military trying to control the symbiote is a brilliant way to make Venom work as a hero. And having the suit prey on Flash through the addictive properties of having his legs while simultaneously, ruining his life and putting him in danger is beautiful. That final quote in this first issue set the tone wonderfully. I hope Marvel can keep this up for the full run.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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