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Story by Cullen Bun & Rick Remender
Art by Lan Medina
Cover by Tony Moore

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99


I’m losing patience with this series. Some story elements have been drawn out for many issues making the title feel too decompressed and treading water at times. And then, in the space between last issue’s cliffhanger reveal on the last page and the end of this issue, Betty finds out her brother is still alive, he’s a supervillain, and she decides to shoot him dead herself, because she ‘knew’ Flash was going to kill him anyway. I mean, that plotting is just ridiculous. Any emotional impact is just wasted because there’s no time to develop any emotional resonance between the characters. Betty Brant’s brother has been dead since Amazing Spider-Man #11. He’s brought back to life after 50 years just so he can be killed off? I know nobody cares about Bennett Brant and he isn’t important as a character per se, but he’s a part of the first year of Spider-Man and in Spidey’s 50th anniversary year, you’d think a little more care & handling is in order if you’re going to give a callback in your story to the Ditko era. Anyway, there just wasn’t enough build up to convince me that Betty would shoot her own brother. That’s some Cain & Abel original sin type murder and she’s like “Oh Hay Bro, U all bad now? OK, Laters. Pow!”

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good

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