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I’ll admit that I’m in the minority that liked this issue. Maybe it’s because my standards have gotten absurdly low for the title, or maybe it’s because It was actually a step up. I can’t really say. All I know is that I am quite excited for the way this arc will play out.

First, what I really liked. Fraction got Magneto’s mannerisms and personality down flat. As mentioned in a discussion I had earlier this week, Magneto is like Doctor Doom but without the crazy. He is arrogant, regal, and carries himself how you would expect someone to who calls himself the “master of magnetism.” I very much enjoyed this and feel confident that even if Magneto’s actions are questionable (discussed later), his presence and personality stay intact.

The structure of this issue was refreshing as well. Fraction finally stopped attempting to juggle 3 or 4 stories per issue and instead focused on only two. This helps keep both stories moving along quite nicely and gave me a chance to get more involved and invested in the characters and situations.

I was entertained by the Scalphunter story. There was nothing glaringly wrong with it. It wasn’t particularly well told, or that interesting, but led to a possibly exciting setup for next issue that will undoubtedly lead to Magneto fighting alongside the X-Men. I would have liked to see Scalphunter struggle more with his decision to deliver the package, however. Then again if you’re threatened with death, you’ll pretty much do anything that’s asked of you.

Now on to the problems. Magneto bows. Not much needs to be said about that other than I truly do not believe he would do that to anyone, no matter how much he admired their accomplishments. That threw me for a loop and I literally called out “bull shit” when I turned the page. The characterization of Xavier is off as well, even from the last issue. Granted, I have not been reading what Carey did with Xavier on Legacy, but I can’t believe that he would turn him into such a pig-headed guy that shoots first and ask questions later. The conflict between Scott and Xavier is material that has been dealt to death already. We saw enough of that dick-swinging competition in Messiah Complex. At this point, it should be resolved already.

And finally, the explanation for the return of Magneto’s powers was questionable at best. A little too comic booky for me. The art is exactly what you expect from Greg Land. I’m tired of complaining about it because in the end, I still end up buying the issues he does. So as much as I hate it, I support it. And that tells me I should just shut the hell up about it. I will say, however, that I enjoyed the Nightcrawler scene very much. I got the sense of danger and shock in his eyes, which one doesn’t get often from Land’s smiley faces.

Overall, a decent issue of Fraction’s run. Not on par with any of the best X-men work ever done, not by a long shot. But definitely one of his strongest issues. If it is an indication of Fraction finally hitting his stride, then the horizon seems promising for the title. Oh and next issue, Magneto gives Cyclops a foot rub.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Good review. I can see why you like it, and I see that. But for me the glaring mischaracterizations outshone the few moments of Magneto being Magneto. And yeah, Magneto’s power return seemed to be absurd, but I enjoyed it for what it is. I’m also pretty sure that this is the second time the High Evolutionary has given Magneto back his powers. I’m glad someone’s enjoying the book.

  2. Great review – I too enjoyed this issue despite a few flaws with characterisation and dubious art. 

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