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  1. I agree with everything you wrote.

    I don’t know if Fraction has really developed anyone besides Scott and Emma on his run.

    I just don’t like this recent Xavier characterization that just gets talked down to by Scott 24/7.  Xavier’s kind of an alpha male himself, and one of the most powerful mutants on the planet.

    If they want to keep him out of leadership duties, they could at least put him charge of teaching the kids how to control their powers; I believe he has some experience in that…

  2. @Cutty-Mike Carey has Rogue handling training duties over in Legacy at this point.  Maybe because Fraction wanted Xavier for his book?  Not sure.

    I haven’t read X-Men Legacy, anyone know if this characterization of Xavier is the same as what Carey did with him?

    Overall I enjoyed this issue.  Strongest in a while and gives me hope for this arc.  But as with this whole run in general, I’m being cautious.

  3. There was one issue in Legacy where Xavier and Scott had it out for the first time since Messiah Complex, and it was very good as I remember.  Although it was kind of clear then that the "new" Scott didn’t really have any respect for him at that point

    I usually try to avoid spoilers, but I caught wind of the crossover all the x-books are working up to in the spring.  Good time to be reading…

  4. @cutty

    Sorry, what is the name of the crossover as I would like the x-books it will relate at.

  5. @hiragikawaii:


    The name of the crossover this spring is called Second Coming, all this started with another crossover called Messiah Complex, where a good chunk of this madness started. Its a rea;;y good crossover, IMO

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