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I tried defending your art, Greg Land. I tried saying that even though your characters were usually wooden and have similar smiling facial expressions, I said how your art was easy on the eyes and how your art portrayes a realism that is a contrast to the normally cartoony looking art of the X-books. But this issue was the straw that broke the camels back. Now, I must join the dezions of anti-Land fanboys and say “Greg Land, fuck you!”

I’ll get back to the art in a second, since I don’t want all my venom concentrated into one spot. I want to talk about Matt Fraction’s story, which continues to please me. What you got here is the typical invade-the-mansion story, and Fraction’s script does a good job in fleshing that out. Even though Fraction has proven that his real strength are the quieter one-on-one moments when he can portray the team’s strong characteristics, he handles himself just fine with action scenes. He’s the type of writer who not only has a strong handle on what each character can do, but can also think of good ways to put the mutants to good use. The only real misstep was the Emma/Mastermind confrontation, as I couldn’t really decipher how Emma got out of her bondage gear and started kicking ass.

Which brings me to the art. Everyone says how Greg Land rips off porn actresses, and after seeing Emma in this issue, I’d say that Land copied this scene straight out of some super kinky porn movie, bondage gear and all. I mean it’s embarrasing, Land can’t even draw a scene where someone is simply tied up without ripping off the entire hardcore bondage scene he’s “referencing”. Then we have Madelyne’s face, which I don’t think one facial muscle has moved since we first saw her. She has a nice sinester smile, but everytime she on a panel she has it! Don’t even get me started with the Stepford Cuckoos. I know they’re supposed to have a three-in-one hive mind, but to Land, that means have them look like souless smiling mannequins. Finally, there are the fight scenes, which is what this issue was supposed to revolve around since it was the big fight issue. But we don’t get fight scenes. We get people posing for fight scenes. We get what looks like Wolverine and Revanche posing for a photo where they supposidly collide, but there’s no movement. It’s kind of like seeing those mannequins of warriors throughout history at museums, where theyre poised to attack yet you know they’ll always be motionless.

Satisfying, yet a bit anti-climatic fight issue, further marred by lameass art. I think next month is the last issue of this arc, so we can welcome the Dodsons back with open arms/

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 1 - Poor

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