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Story by Rick Remender
Art by Billy Tan
Colors by Dean White
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Esad Ribic

Size: pages
Price: 3.99

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Story: 2 - Average
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. Great point about Magneto, never known him to shy away from retribution, and esp when it involves a core aspect his character in terms of what’s driven him as a mutant for all his life.  He’s always been someone who’s proactive, I agree this was nothing like him at all.

    I think Wolvie would’ve known about Jim Morrison considering what a whiskey drinker both of them were. 

  2. I completely agree with this. I only jumped on with #7 hoping to recapture some of my X-Men glory days nostalgia and because there has been some rumbling of that with this title. This issue sucked! 

    I’m feeling my $3.99 float away as Magneto reads the letter and totally NOT buying the notion that he got Wolverine to go after some Nazi that he didn’t have the guts to. The I-built-an-asteroid-base Magneto? The I-hate-Nazis Magneto? Come on, Remender, you phoned it IN, dude! 

  3. Ditto. I guess you COULD argue that in Uncanny X-Men magneto just did his big PR push saving the people so him killing and old man might be construed weird. But I mean the old guy’s house was totally remote and he had no relatives or next of kin.

    I would rather this issue just didn’t come out and waited for the next arc. The characterization for Angel’s hemming and hawing about the death last issue was a page of blathering and justification. The exact same beat was accomplished by a single line in the last issue. And in a much more emotionally devastating way.

    For a title Remender has spoken of as cutting every inch of fat, this was a beached walrus. The decompression was a joke also in light of the promotional push and video interviews on this very site!

    I get that there are going to be some misses but this is one that could have stayed in the can and I would gladly have waited a month for the next issue which I am sure will be of a higher standard. 

  4. yeah i thought there was some indulgent pacing. I think the guys talked about it on a podcast a while back but how its soooo difficult to do that cinematic thing in comics with the slow panels. It just drags out the pacing and kinda wastes space. Opening a letter and drinking isn’t worth 5 opening pages in my opinion. 

    I kinda have a feeling this story will tie in later though.  

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