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I think sometimes writers get the wrong idea about things.  Jeph Loeb lately seems to be out of his game.  He’s done some good work, but Ultimates 3 was terrible and this isn’t shaping up to be any better.

First off, I feel like nothing has really happened in these last two issues.  I have gone on record as saying that Ultimates 3 didn’t make any damn sense to me till the 3rd issue.  This book makes perfect sense, but it feels forced.  I get the feeling that Marvel may be upset that the Ultimate universe, minus Spider-Man, hasn’t been doing fantastic.  So they decide, let’s shake it up.  The problem being I don’t think the Ultimate Universe is ready for this crossover.  A couple of the other books have been slacking, primarily X-Men, and should be made into better books before doing an event like this.  Instead of using the even to hopefully make the books better.

Now one thing I’ve been wondering when it was going to happen is when they were going to talk about bringing Nick Fury back into the fold.  It recently happened in full force in the standard Marvel U so it’s only time here right?  Honestly I can’t wait to have him back.  I think the Carol Danvers of this world is horrible and I loved Nick Fury.

Now for the thing that really bugged me about this book.  Jeph Loeb seems to want to shock you with character death.  Guess what, when you do it multiple times in one issue it loses it’s value.  A character death shouldn’t be done so easily mutliple times in one issue.  Since both are done the way they are I feel like the deaths are not important at all.  I honestly didn’t care and took it as this even is going to “shake things up” by killing a bunch of characters in the Ultimate Universe.  If this ends up being the case I’ll catch up on who all dies later on Wikipedia.

As for Finch’s art, I’m disappointed.  It just seems off in this book.  I know he can produce better artwork then this, granted at a time delay.  If they knew he was artist and got this book rolling a while ago it wouldn’t have been an issue.

So far this book needs to get into shape, especially since it’s the Ultimate U’s first major event.  I honestly think though each issue is going to be Jeph Loeb killing a bunch of characters and nothing really past that.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Wasn’t "Ultimate Nightmare/Secret/Extinction" the first major event in the Ultimate Universe?

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