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Ultimate X-Men started so promisingly.  Like Ultimate Spider-Man it seemed to be a new universe where the problems could be avoided and where we could get some exciting X-Men stories without the continuity issues and keeping everything grounded and real.  Oh there were nods to the old continuity, clever little asides like Cyclops’ imaginary world based on Star Wars about the Starjammers that he claimed he invented when he was a kid to entertain himself as an orphan, but the title promised to avoid the real jaw droppingly stupid aspects of the X-verse while stying true to the characters.

For awhile it was like that.  And yes we all knew that eventually the Ultimate X-Men would start to build their own continuity, there was a hope that it could be kept relatively clear and that we could focus on a small cast of the core characters.  The original X-Men with a few thrown in like Storm and Kitty. 

Kitty wisely escaped the title to go over to the superior Ultimate Spider-Man.  Sadly for Storm and the others they’re trapped in Robert Kirkman’s World of Wonders, which like the classic X-Men villain Arcade’s death traps is a twisted world of mirrors that echoes what has come before.  Cable is Wolverine but from the future?  Future?  Apocalypse?  Bishop?  Did we not learn our lessons from the 1990s?  Did we not learn?

Kirkman did learn from the 1990s’, but clearly what he learned was that Cable is awesome.  Wolverine is awesome too, and so I suppose if you combined Cable and Wolverine into one character it’s double awesome.  There’s a lot of violence here, and Apocalypse takes control of some of the X-Men.  The Fantastic Four is here.  Kitty is too.

Kitty, you and me let’s go.  We can escape to Ultimate Spider-Man togther.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 2 - Average


  1. You know what’s sad?  I think Cablerine is the awesomest kind of nonsense, and I still don’t like this book.  I’m at a loss to understand how anybody could be into this book because there’s not a single character who has had a sustained storyline since the end of the Cable thing.

  2. Good point actually.  There’s some interesting stuff going on, Scott and Jean trying to get the school to run just as a school, but as you point out nobody is getting any screen time it’s all over the place with all the million characters.

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