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Captain Marvel, um excuse me I mean ‘Shazam’ for legal reasons, has been one of the best superheroes in comic history. Although you wouldnt know it from bad tv spinoffs or lackluster use of the character. Thankfully, pretty much to the 52 series, we’ve been giving a lot more taste of the Marvel family whether it’s good (Black Adam) or terrible (Mary Marvel in Countdown). Now Judd Winick has been pretty piss poor with stories lately, I still dont see why his stuff gets money as much as it does.

But this entire 12 issue series is giving me reason why I liked Winick in the first place. He makes a pretty big story, but grounds it down to make it more realistic. We see a (still?) young Captain Marvel Jr. trying to prove his worth to be Captain Marvel Sr. A lot of great character moments for Freddy as he really doesnt know if he can take his best friend’s place. Although it seems like a cop-out that the JLA gets involved towards the end….we’re still focusing on Freddy and seeing the outcome of this tale is all the more heart-renching. Also, it’s hard not to mention the fantastic art, really some of the best you’ll see in these two volumes of story.

Considering there is a new series for Shazam, and that a film deal is in the works. Maybe, just maybe we can finally see Captain Marvel be back as a top man in comics…before DC destroyed him so Superman could reign supreme.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. LOVED this mini. it really has me wanting more of the world created in here.

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