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All lies! Poor, pathetic excuses for lies!

Not to mention this is just cashing in on the summer reading market and filling in for the slow release of Thor´s main comic book title (which is all lies!) with some other hack writer and artist whose names need not even be mentioned. It is a scheme by Marvel nearly worthy of a Loki deceit. But since I profit not a speck from this fraud, I swear I shall wreak my vengeance on this impetuous upstart publishing company run by tawdry mortals.

So says Loki!

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. The more and more posts i read from you the more and more i want to jump of a cliff

  2. I see what you’re doing here trickster … you’re trying to get no one to buy this awesome book because it was so awesome and the less people that read it the less powerful your half brother becomes….  am I right thou fiendish one??

  3. I am Loki and I answer no mortal man. But I will tell you this: Marko Djurdevic should stop wasting his considerable talents on the vacuous, haughty, pathetic excuse of a surfer-boy-with-a-hammer and start painting someone who deserves it. Such as Loki.

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