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Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Sean Murphy
Cover by: Sean Murphy
Variant Cover by: Dustin Nguyen

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99


This third act had the right amount of “everything” to elevate this series to where we have come to expect a Snyder penned comic to be.

First the mystery Snyder is building with these these opening pages of each issue is completely intriguing and spellbinding. I can’t wait to find out what the fuck is going on with the Earth in the future and Mars and shit. Way to keep us enthralled!

There is some great action in this issue which is a welcome reprieve from overly expository tale we’ve been getting in the first 2 issues. Here Snyder lets the shit hit the fan and it’s a blast to watch.

and DUDES, I nominate the scene where Lee goes to rescue Bob from the Merman-Creature as one of the best moments this year in comics. Bob is elsewhere on the huge undersea rig and Lee goes to get him before it floods the section he is in. Lee takes off, then it cuts to Bob, showing him gathering some belongings and Lee entering through the door. Lee is adamant that Bob leave with her now and get to safety. Bob takes a moment to apologize to Lee about some harsh words he said to her before. Lee says its fine but they have to get out of here. Bob asks her to wait but she she grabs him by the arm and says “now is not the time”. Then we turn the page and see that Lee has ripped off Bob’s arm, and then starts eating it. By the end of this page we see that the following exchange with Lee was Bob hallucinating thanks to the Merman-Creature’s toxic venom, and that Lee was in fact the MERMAN the whole time. It is how the creature “GETS” you and it’s fucking brilliant and well executed. This scene right here is why I love comics – Snyder understands the medium and just what you can do that you can’t pull-off in other forms.

Last but not least Sean Murphy makes the whole thing sing like a 52 Whale. His panels and page layouts are well thought out and drive the story effortlessly and smoothly. Nothing OVERLY fancy here, just top-notch work from a professional craftsmen. The Wake is better served with someone like Murphy then say someone like Ivan Reis. I just can’t picture this book resonating the way it did with this 3rd issue with anyone elses art on those pages. Murphy owns this book!

This is step up and I’m stoked to see what comes next. I mean how can you read the final page of this issue and NOT be?

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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