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Story by Dan Slott
Art by Ryan Stegman
Colors by Edgar Delgado
Letters by Chris Eliopoulos
Cover by Ryan Stegman & Simone Bianchi

Size: 0 pages
Price: 3.99

I had every intention of dropping this book last week. I read the last issue of amazing spider man and really enjoyed it when it came out. The end kind of gave me a disapointing feeling but, i thought that the series would be interesting none the less. When i read superior spider man number one i was excited and thought i was in for a great read , however that was not the case. It seemed to me that they took a great idea and basically didnt use it. I was under the impression that doc ock being spider man would make for an evil spider man. is that crazy to think? i mean spider mans number one villian has finally beat him and took over his body, you would think that he would be using that power for more evil doing but that wasnt really the case. dock ock all of the sudden realized what it meant to be spider man and all that and decided he was going to be an even better spider man than peter parker. what is the point? so your going to have spider man be spider man? OK? no thank you, so i walked into my comic store this week with no desire to even bother getting the superior spider man #3. i picked up my other books and there wasnt very many so i glanced over at that new superior spider man and though what the hell i have been keeping up with it why not. i must say the story left me pleasently suprised. things are starting to happen, peter parkers essance is getting thrown around to all these differant places, people are starting to realize that something is definetly differant and wrong with peter parker. dock ock is getting pissed off and beating villians within an inch of their lives, and i am compelled to see what happens next. that being said now i have every intention of staying with this series and seeing what happens and playing it out. if things keep going like this we are in for a treat in the world of spider man.thank you guys for doing something differant with one of my all time favorite heros (and villians) and keeping your audiance guessing.( and a lot of them cussing and cursing your name) what can you do though? all is fair in love and comics.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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