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Story by Jason Aaron
Art by Jefte Palo
Colors by Frank Martin
Cover by Michael Komarck

Size: 0 pages
Price: 2.99

First-off, this is not that great a jumping-on point for new readers, and that is one goal of the .1 issues. I feel this should have just been issue 8 of the run.

———– But since I have been reading this title from the start,I did not need it to be a jumping-on point. For that, I am glad, since I feel I would have been a bit confused about what has gone on before.

———— The story takes us from event of the first 7 issues and leads nicely to the next arc, which is nice. And along the way, we get a decent look at what is making The Hulk tick at the moment, and we get an interesting cliff-hanger type ending on the last page.

————- Story-wise, this was okay. Nothing ground-breaking (except some Hulk on Red She-Hulk action, that is … ), but fun nonetheless.

———– Art: Meh. I’m glad it is not the normal art on this title, but I have not been all that thrilled with the art team on the normal run of the title anyway, so for me the change in art styles was no big deal.

———— The cover should be a poster. I LOVE IT!

A so-so issue, over-all. Skip it if you are not a regular reader looking for a done-in-one.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 2 - Average

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