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-I like how Tynion IV is not making the love interest, Casey, be a typical woman in trouble. Clearly she has her shit together and seems to be way more prepared for the Court of Owls then Calvin is.
-Guillem March’s art is actually really good here. For once he doesn’t go for the cheesecake in any of the ladies here and that makes his art all the better. His anime, western influences really shows itself with his character designs. Although sometimes it hurts the issue with some weird character reactions. (Calvin being hung by a chain for example.)
-Loved the mask that March designed that Calvin wears toward’s the end here. It looks like a mask and yet it is convincing enough to look like a real face. Not sure how the mask works but hey, it’s comics!

-Still a bit too much words balloons for my liking. Tynion IV still is showcasing his ‘newbie’ status with some big word balloons to explain a bit too much sometimes. Every issue I keep thinking once he’s done introducing the plot and cast it’ll stop. But it seems like EVERY issue so far is introducing this universe. So I’m just going to not act surprised next time.
-Mentioned it in the ‘pro’ section but there are some reaction shots that look weird here. Sebastian in general looks weird every time his face is shown. March always seems to have a difficult time drawing an old man….Which is an issue considering he’s a big deal for this series.

-Hopefully, now that Tynion has introduced MORE elements into this universe, that we can get pass the exposition for the future. I’m enjoying the world building Tynion is doing here but we need to have some breathing room at some point. March’s art though is really improving though and apart from some wonky faces here the art is a real highlight in this issue. Let’s hope the momentum can keep going with these two back together for the foreseeable future.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I’m not sure why you think that Tynion will ever tone down the exposition or bulk dialogue. He is a student of Snyder, and despite Snyder’s positives (I do like his writing overall), I’ve never read a more long-winded comics writer. And that takes into account the stereotypical understanding of Chris Claremont.

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