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Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Art and cover by JEFF LEMIRE

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

The last couple of issues of Sweet Tooth have been the same really. In that they have been really good, but they haven’t been great enough to go really out with the reviews. It suffers from ‘So good you can’t really talk about it anymore’-itis. Fortunately the current issue has come out and boy there is a lot to like here.

What I love most about Jeff Lemire is that when he wants to get creepy, he doesn’t miss a beat. There are two moments in this that freaked me out. One was the backstory of Haggarty and also the use of having his body be the ‘spine’ of the two page splash. Then comes the reveal where Haggarty takes off his crutches. The smile on his face, as subtle as it is on the panel, is just creepy to look at. Of course other things like a tiny bird kid or Haggarty beating the crap out of people doesn’t bother me. (Guess I should see a shrink) I also like how changed Gus and Dr. Singh have been in the last couple of arcs. Singh has clearly lost his marbles and Gus finally isn’t going to be duped like in the past. Considering where both characters end up towards the end of the issue I think this series can only get more creepier.

Lemire’s art also matches the great story as always. Again the subtle touches, like Haggarty’s smile, really makes me appreciates his art more then the average artist. One of my favorite pages this week comes when we see Jepperd is racing toward’s the girls at the dam. You can sense the speed with how he lays it at a crooked angle and the subtle touches of lines conveys speed. But when you want a more detailed panel of a car flipping over then Lemire can do that on a dime. It really is hard to pin point the style of Lemire’s art because whether it’s sketchy or detailed it really is amazing to think that one man can do this on a consistent basis.

Again every issue of this series has been fun to read month in and month out. But once in a while a special issue comes out that is bear to talk about more. The art in this issue was fantastic as always and Lemire dials the creep factor up this month. This short, three issue arc has a great second chapter to it and I look forward to see just how this is all going to end next month.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. +1 thanks for the review, couldn’t agree more

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