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Written by Keith Giffen & Dan Jurgens
Layouts by Dan Jurgens
Finished by Jesús Merino
Colored by Oclair Albert
Cover by Ivan Reis & Rod Reis

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

After some so-so issues with Helspont, SUPERMAN’s in good form (though not great form) here.

What I like about this story is how it deals pretty well with multiple plot threads in a way that harkens back to before comics were written for the trade. DC said they would move away from writing “for the trade” with the relaunch, but for most series I don’t feel like that’s happened. Here, though, this is at least a proper direction: there’s several plots going on, both involving Superman and his supporting cast, and some of them, I suspect, will be around longer than others. Which is as it should be for a serial form.

There’s some mostly-standard superheroing and a scuffle with villainess Anguish (at least, that’s what she says she’s called in the issue…the solicit calls her “Masochist”) besides supporting cast stuff, and whatever gripes one might have with the quality of these things I feel like you’re at least getting your money’s worth of story here – more than can be said of some series you might buy these days.

I’m a recent Superman convert, and while I’m enjoying reading older trades more than the current issues, I still find myself consistently looking forward to the current issues when they roll around. There’s some bumps in the road, sure, but what can I say? I’m forgiving.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. I share some of your opinions, Helspont aka Blah Blah was really “so-so”, I don’t even think I want to see a re-match, then again his talking had a point to what he needed to accomplish. Something was still missing from those issues, especially part 2 of Superman/Helspont.
    I am still looking forward to each issue of Superman tho, and your review and the preview pages I saw for issue #9 still has me hooked. I think I’ll check this out.

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