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Written by Michael Green & Mike Johnson
Pencilled by George Pérez
Inked by Bob Wiacek
Color by Dave McCaig
Lettered by John Hill
Cover by George Pérez

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

There are some art and writing changes here, and while I like where the plot heads I didn’t love the script.

SUPERGIRL #8 picks up immediately after #7, though we’re really in a new arc at this point. With the Worldkillers defeated for now, the army moves in to deal with Kara, and the language barrier threatens to wreck things until Siobhan Smythe intervenes. Finally, Kara has someone friendly to talk to, because Siobhan can speak Kryptonian.

The issue is mostly dedicated to Kara going with Siobhan to try to lay low for a while. This is Kara’s proper introduction to Earth, to a human who isn’t trying to kill or capture her. Siobhan’s a good counterpoint, because she thinks Kara’s powers are REALLY cool. I wonder if she’ll be in the book long.

The issue is one of the more dense ones I’ve read for a while, but I feel like the script doesn’t make great use of that density. There’s some redundant encounters with the army, and the dialogue between Siobhan and Kara often feels, while not exposition-y, pretty stilted.

Perez is in for Asrar on art this issue, and though it’s a noticeable change, it still holds up really well. I think I ultimately prefer Asrar’s style, but Perez is plenty good at drawing SUPERGIRL. No complaints, to be sure.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Spoilers, m’man.

    Glad I read this issue before reading this review.

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