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By Terry Moore, Harvey Pekar, Toby Cypress, Kate Beaton, Nick Gurewitch, Edu Medeiros, Alex Robinson, Benjamin Marra, Tim Hamilton, Ty Templeton and more.
Cover by Ivan Brunetti

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Just like Utau the Watcher, I must observe everything I see. Even if you don’t like it, I must review it! So we’re back for another exciting observation with: TNC’S PELLET REVIEWS!


One Flew Over the Watchers’ Next: (Nick Bertozzi) An actual sweet ending for Utau and Liatu. It’s a bit silly in the end but I thought it was sweet. (5/5)

How Mjolnir Got Its Strap: (Terry Moore) I like this story because of how silly it is and how child like it is. The idea of Thor getting his strap for the hammer and also getting the grey, circle ‘shields’ on his shirt. I also like how Moore puts his own style in how Thor and Loki looks. Not the strongest story out of the bunch, but I would love to see an ‘All Ages’ version of this Thor….wait…..(Story: 4/5, Art: 5/5)

Silver Surfer: (James Stokoe) Look at that Galactus….Look at it! There are some great talents involved with this series but look at how incredible Stokoe’s pencils are. The amount of detail in each panels is outrageous. The story though is a bit boring to me, never been a fan of reading stories where almost everything is only understood by the characters and not to the readers. But still….look at that art! (Story: 2/5, Art: 5/5)

U.S.Agent vs the Terror-Saur: (Benjamin Marra) I love how much propoganda is in this. It’s like reading a really bad 60’s comic with a ton of pro-U.S. banter going on. I also love it because I am a fan of U.S.Agent and farce or not I would love to see more of these ridiculous adventures of my favorite crazy American. I do have to admit that this Marra guy really draws some hideous women. (Story: 5/5, Art: 4/5)

Machine Man: (Tim Hamilton) This is a bit of a weird one because you have to really pay attention to what the joke is. In hindsight it’s all about how depressed Machine Man is as a person even though he constantly sighs and states he has no emotions. The story in itself is pretty boring, but the constant ’emo’ of Machine Man made me laugh a lot. Also, I liked the old school vibe with the pencils. (Story: 3/5, Art: 4/5)

Rogue Gets in Trouble: (Kate Beaton) Yay! More Kate Beaton in Marvel comics! I would kill to see more of her work with Marvel. Why not have a comic where we have more comics like this? In general I love how silly this is and it fits perfectly well with what Beaton always does with her comics. Seeing Professor X in all of these ridiculous faces made my day. (Story-Art: 5/5)

The Left Hand of Boom: (Dean Haspiel) This is a weird story and I still don’t see what the point of it was. Whether it involves the really stupid Hellboy pun for a title and the overall concept of the strip. Art was pretty good though. (Story: 2/5, Art: 4/5)

1-555-Hero: Hero for Hire: (T. Cypress) A great tribute to the old days of Luke Cage. Not making him look ridiculous with bad outfit orhis jive talking. Just showing how great of a hero he was back in the day. Also loved the watercolor inspired art for this. Most ambitious short of the bunch and it was executed really well. (Story-Art: 5/5)

Young People: (Michael DeForge) Ah yes, yet another example where Marvel seems to be into the notion that Wolverine might be a pedophile. I loved the dialogue between the three like they were little kids. But it does get dark really quickly and I liked how Spider-Man wanted to bolted as quick as possible. DeForge has an interesting art style and I’d like to see more of it then just these two pages. (Story-Art: 5/5)

Fantastic..Before!!: (Alex Robinson) This was a weird one because I wasn’t expecting a romance story in the middle of these ridiculous short stories. But Robinson gives us a good look into what could’ve been if Reed just went out of his way to talk to a girl. It fits Robinson’s style perfectly and so does his art. (Story-Art: 5/5)

With a Little Help from My Friends: (Eduardo Medeiros) This was a great little short with Spider-Man, Juggernaut, and The Thing acting like kids. Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how the characters act now anyways fighting with each other. It’s gonna be while before I get “Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t┬árealize this was an Ice Cream Social” out of my head. I think that’ll replace “I’m the Juggernaut, Bitch!” in no time. (Story-Art: 5/5)

Carnival: (Story: Nick Gurewitch, Art: Kate Beaton) Now this is a team up I wasn’t expecting. Seeing a ‘Perry Bible Fellowship’ idea get illustrated by the ‘Hark! A Vagrant’ illustrator. But seeing Gurewitch idea get illustrated by Beaton’s pencils really make this work for me. I love the look on Thor’s face before and after using the hammer. Hilarious. (Story-Art: 5/5)

Harvey Pekar meets The Thing: (Story: Harvey Pekar, Art: Ty Templeton) This was a little tough to read only because Pekar is sadly no longer with us. But it plays with everything you would love about a Pekar comic. It has virtually no plot and it’s just Pekar (and The Thing) discuss the little problems with everyday life. It’s a short snippet, but it’s a great take on what made Pekar just so amazing as a comic creator throughout his life. Ty Templeton also plays tribute to Pekar by illustrating in his style and not playing up to it. If you like this little short by Pekar then I urge anyone to read his amazing work, you’ll really love it. (Story-Art: 5/5)

This final installment of the Strange Tales sequel started off a bit weak. But it really picked up and gave us some really great stories in the end. Definitely pick it up for some of the great creators involved here. I know I’m going to find a lot of work these men and women have done in here for years to come.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Good review. I love the cover to this one. I hope I can find this as I’ve been a long follower of Pekar’s American Splendor. I’m sure some of the other stories are nicely told as well.

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