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Instead of giving a long winded review, here’s an analogy to make up my thoughts:

‘Think of a time where it’s your birthday and your really excited. You see before this day has come your parents have come up to you many times and stated: Your gonna get a great birthday cake! It’s gonna have lots of frosting, icing, and cool patterns on it! Everyday your parents have told you this and now your birthday has come. After some great birthday presents early in the day you finally have come to the big cake. Your parents finally present it and…..

It’s a small, vanilla cake….No icing….no frosting…no cool patterns on it….Just a simple cake. Dont get me wrong it’s a good tasting cake but I’m confused…Why would my parents lie to me on how awesome this cake would be?’

(P.S.-There was also some lame symbiotes with this birthday too)

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good


  1. You haven’t lived until you had a train shaped birthday cake…

  2. Yeah, I keep wanting to jump on ASM too, but whenever I hear the way people sing the praises of it…I’m just not convinced. Maybe I’ll buy a few issues in dollar bins. I just don’t NEED this anymore. I’ve already read a ton of great Spider-Man stories. I refuse to believe that anything that seems so…conventional, done-before, and routine could really be an essential "must-read" anymore. I need it like I need another story about prejudice against mutants or a jailbreak from Arkham. And I certainly don’t need anymore JRJR Spidey art. It’s great but I’ve already seen enough of it to last me a lifetime. A few of the other artists that’ve been on the book make it look more interesting, though…

  3. You know there were much better stories after this hyped arc.

    First was the Flash Thompson story, then the really great Joe Kelly/Hammerhead mini. Those 3 comics were better then these 5-6 issues of this arc.

    Oh and that nagging problem of Pete referencing OMD is still a problem here. But not to turn that into yet another complaint on it I wont go into detail in it.

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