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It seems that some people are tired of my daily rantings of Jeph Loeb. They cant take it that Loeb has indeed lost his luster and the only reason people pick up his books is because he goes on the titles that will sell no matter who is the writer. You put Bendis, or Morrison, or even Kirkman on a Hulk or Ultimates title and it’ll sell just as much as a Loeb book. Anyways I’m tired of bashing on the guy too, it gets old after a while when you see one of your favorite writers do poor work consistantly. So here is one of the best Loeb books you should pick up.

This story focuses on the love of Peter Parker’s life; Gwen Stacy. Loeb does a great job going back in time and showing us a silver age Spidey. He is just as nerdy as he was when the character was introduced, but as witty as he is now when he’s in the costume. I love the characterizations in this book, and that is what Loeb is good at. He isnt the greatest when it comes to fight scenes (which is a big problem in today’s Loeb books) but when it comes to mystery’s or romances he’s perfect at it. I could never understand how a blonde bombshell in Gwen could see anything in Parker; but this book perfectly describes why Gwen and Peter were ment to be. But of course when we’re introduced to Mary Jane; we see just how lucky Parker really was in the early days of Spider-Man. MJ does play a bit of a role in this book, but to be all honest Loeb is trying to prove why Gwen is the more perfect woman for Peter and he does a successful job. There is a subplot with the two Vultures fighting it out; but the more romantic plot in this story is better.

Of course we cant end a review without praising the work of Tim Sale. Any book you want of Jeph Loeb, make sure it has Tim Sale as artist cause you will at least know that it is a good book. Sale’s pencils echo the silver age setting with great backgrounds and attaire for the characters. He also is perfect at drawing women, and yes a lot of artists are good at drawing ‘cheesecake women’. But what Sale does is show us the beauty of women as what they are, not at what they wear. It makes all the difference in the world that Gwen is the most gorgeous woman in NYC; otherwise the plot of Parker loving Gwen wouldnt work.

So I cant tell you why this Jeph Loeb is so drastically different from 2009 Jeph Loeb. He could’ve though that he was more suited as an action writer, he could’ve thought his work needed more jokes; I dont know. What a do know is that the Marvel ‘color’ series like this, or any team up book with Loeb/Sale on the cover, is definitely worth the price. This is the Jeph Loeb I wish would come back to write, and maybe I could get it in Captain America: White if there are such a things as miracles.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. For an even better Jeph Loeb read, be sure to pick up the HULK Vol.1 Premiere Hardcover, collecting HULK #1-6 🙂

  2. @J4K3: You know…….:)

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