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Well, like the isse before, this just bearly treads over the thin ice of being dropped. Rather then drag out the plot of this “other” Simon, they get to showing what it looks like, and it’s easy to tell it motives. In fact, it’s pretty easy to figure out pretty much every thing about this “other” Simon. For the most part, it was an okay issue, but Simon Dark is hanging by a thread at this point.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good


  1. Well this isnt a good issue, but is the previous issues any good?

    I cant remember if a trade is out yet but I really wanna try this out. Seems interesting

  2. The first few issue, where pretty good. I guess, because that was back when there was a lot of hope and possibility to be something good. But the started to lack about issue 9 or so, got a little bit better then once again went pretty bland. If you do buy the first trade, I would look for a cheaper or used copy.

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