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Not to waste a lot of your time….this mini sure did.

Story: Pretty forgettable and nothing mind blowing. When will the X-Men actually be a big factor in these events instead of just being used in bad mini’s? I dont care if they have their own events or they are in a pocket universe….I would imagine the X-Men would get involved fully with what is going on in an Invasion.

Art: Looks great….if there was no panel layout….*holds ear* What’s that?…..Oh the guy does use panel layouts?….They are confusing? Yes I see….and they dont look go in all of the fight scenes?….I see…


Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 2 - Average


  1. The X-Men were busy flying superheroes from one place to another. Wolverine was busy sniffing people.

  2. Well Wolverine can be apart of any event. Since the X-Men are so beneath him now a days. Just once though I want to see the X-Men be a huge factor of an event. Even if it’s something as small as WWH-like…..The X-Men cant be that petty and just not get into something that is changing their lives at the end.

  3. Captain Britain and MI-13 launched out of Secret Invasion in a very simlar fashion, where we saw a group of heroes doing something big/important without being directly tied into the "main event."  I felt that the way Captain Britain was written it worked and hooked me for that series.  Here it felt very superficial and disconnected.  I enjoyed the art aesthetics, but I agree that the storytelling was weak in places.  The first two issues worked as monthly pieces of entertainment, but the series ended weakly and overall was very forgettable.  I can image that as a trade after the event’s done that it wouldn’t hold up well at all…

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