ROBIN #181

Review by: robbydzwonar

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THIS COMIC BOOK TOTALLY SUCKED! I didn’t even understand what was going on.  I suppose it must be the continuation of what happened in last month’s issue but I don’t remember what happened in that one.  I guess #180 was just as boring as #181 because I don’t even feel like pulling it out for a review so I can better understand what is going on here.  I just totally gave up on this issue half way threw.  Bagged it, boarded it, and threw it in the box.  I doubt that I am even going to buy the last two issues of this.  I’m about to sell a stack of them on Ebay.  I keep the RIP and Ras Al Ghul crossover issues, the rest can go for bargain bin prices just to make room in my box.


Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 2 - Average


  1. Did we read the same book?

  2. I actually gave this book a 5 for story and I rarely give books that high of a mark. Don’t worry about dropping the title since the last issue is coming up. If you have been following the Bat books I am at a lost as to what is so confusing. This book along with Iron Man were the best books of the week for me.

  3. I conclude that "robbydzwonar" is an alias of someone doing an amazing parody of how NOT to approach comics: pretending not to "understand" anything, not bothering to look back to see what happened in previous issues, mentioning eBay in like every post, giving Watchmen #1 a "3" for story and being more concerned about how to fit in with the Watchmen movie "phenomena" than with actually reviewing the comic. No offense if you are a real person, but your reviews read like they were written by a 12-year-old from the speculation-ridden ’90s era of comic collecting. I was much the same way around 1992–we all were. But, on the other hand, if this is someone’s idea of a joke–I love it. Hilarious. Instead of bothering to look back and see what happened in Robin #180, you take the time to ANNOUNCE that you’re NOT going to look back! Hilarious! I will read this as a parody; it’s more entertaining that way; to read it any other way would be very dismaying.

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