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Story by Greg Pak
Art by Mirko Colak
Colors by Matthew Wilson
Cover by David Aja

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

If you’ve read Greg Pak‘s “Magneto: Testament” you already have a good idea what to expect from “Red Skull: Incarnate”. It’s a look into the past of arguably Marvel’s most evil villain. In the Afterword, Pak states that this book “tells the story of a boy who becomes a monster”. The first issue sets up this idea nicely.

Pak has no problem setting up the period on his pages and you can already tell a wealth of research went into the story. While Pak goes light on the dialogue, he artfully relays his story through the setting and a young boy’s circumstances. It’s a faster read that I wanted but it packs plenty of emotion and pain through it’s carefully thought out construction. Pak is handling dark and disturbing material mainly due to it’s foundation in truth and history. The fist issue assures us he is up to the task.

Mirko Colak’s artwork really fits the story. Combined with Matthew Nelson’s near perfect colors, his art is immersive and impressive. The detail found in the characters, their outfits, and the vehicles effectively draw you into the story. Even David Aja’s striking propaganda poster front cover adds to the overall feel of the book. While it won’t completely “WOW” you, the art is a near perfect fit for this type of story.

I’m really anxious to follow Pak‘s dark journey into Red Skull’s history. This issue is a setup book and due to the lack of dialogue it was over in a flash. But there is plenty of heartbreak and raw emotion that grabs you. The art beautifully sets the tone and at time relays more emotion than words could. I really am excited about where this mini-series is heading.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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