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This third issue offering of Red Robin has left me bored. The First issue was phenomenal, I could not resist the urge to push it off one everyone I knew. The natural progression of Tim as a character in a post bruce wayne-batman era just felt right. In a world that is against his very beliefs he presses through and we cannot help but feel sympathy for him because we as the omniscient observer know that in some way he is right. The second issue was okay, nothing great but as the second step in the start of the journey it was okay.

Sadly this third issue is just dragging and I realize they are still setting up the Status Quo for this book, and that the story will probably pick up in the next few issues leading to the next arc, so it just saddens me to have what feels like filler. They take a whole issue to setup a plot device that could just as easily have taken a page or two at best to establish that all of this happened between issues. But instead we get 21 pages of near painful slow moving story that doesn’t add a terrible amount to the plot.

And the art quite frankly just feels to heavy. I really feel that under all this heavy color and thick black lines are some very beautiful pencils, but the final treatment of this just feels like this is a book from the third string of dc comics, and that makes me feel sad for Tim as a character because he never really felt like anything less than a first string character to me before.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 2 - Average


  1. This issue was pretty bland but the cliffhanger left me interested enough to pull another issue.  I wanna see how this partnership between Drake and Ra’s Al Ghul is going to work out.

  2. Enough with Tim saying ‘I know Batman is alive’ in ever third panel.  We get it…

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