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This book is doing for DC what Guardians of the Galaxy is doing over at
Marvel, and I mean that in just about every way possible. Not only is
it taking a concept that was firmly rooted in a super team 1000 years
in the future and setting it up in modern era, but it is also doing it
in such a way as to incorporate the many varied worlds that DC has and
using them much more effectively. It great to see someone other than
the JLA fight a Starro and see ancestors of great heroes acting like
gigantic dickhead villains. This book cuts down on the awe factor that
tends to bog DC space books down, and instead makes it gritty and
realistic, much like the first Alien. I think the art is incredibly
solid and if this book keeps it together, it really can help redefine
the overall feel of DC space.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 4 - Very Good

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