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while i’ve been a big fan of rebels so far, i think this was the worst issue so far. not that it was bad – it was average –  but that it wasn’t up to the high standard of the earlier ones. the problems were as follows:

– fill-in artist claude st. aubin does his best andy clarke impersonation, but the art just doesn’t quite have the zing that the earlier issues didn’t. there are too many panels that look a little rushed, and the book just doesn’t have the same attention to detail that has characterized it so far.

– honestly? the omega men have yet to really hold up their end of this book. the dox stuff has been and is still great, but their story hasn’t been. the main personalities in the group just aren’t quite fleshed out enough.

– the story is bordering on getting too serious. rebels is best when, like the marvel cosmic books, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. with dominators and durlans and psions and god-knows-who the character on the cover (or the last page) is, things can get bogged down pretty easily. it’s good that they’re mining the dc cosmos, but keeping things lighter will result in a more enjoyable comic in this comic.

well, that and more vril dox. and andy clarke.


Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good

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