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Writer: Jan Strnad
Artist: Richard Corben
Cover Artist: Richard Corben

Size: 32 pages
Price: 3.50


Let’s get one thing straight here:

This is a horror comic drawn by the legendary artist Richard Corben.

If that isn’t enough for you on buying this mini then I don’t know what else to put in this review. I mean you would have to not love comics to not enjoy that sentence I just typed. Again let me repeat myself:

This is a horror comic, published by Dark Horse no less, drawn by Richard Corben. And…AND it’s about a freakin Castle that comes alive and EATS people. Now are you going to buy it!?

I wish I had this level of imagination but sadly years of looking at bright, violent colors on a TV screen has destroyed a lot of brain cells. Luckily Jan Strnad has enough imagination and of course this story takes place in a stuffy, 1800s era. We barely know the characters in this story but thankfully this mini is more about the castle then the characters. We get a truly, fucked up, origin of this castle and as unbelievable as it sounds I kind of want to see this thing being made. It sounds like a fun time….well except for the Pagans.

Again Richard Corben is drawing this and I can only imagine him doing this. He sets the mood so brilliant in each page it really is quite hard to read this at times. I don’t know how but Corben is always great at drawing skeletons or corpses which makes the certain moments in this more unsettling. Of course if the castle is filled with skulls you’d think these characters would be wiser on leaving right away. Corben is also great with lighting which sets the mood and more artists should follow his example when it comes to this. The castle is pretty gorgeous to look at which is important since this is what the book is about. Maybe we could see him do just a comic on castles because if he can draw them all of this beautiful then I’d buy that.

So again here is the checklist for this series:

Written by Jan Strnad
Drawn by Richard Corben
Published by Dark Horse
It’s about a living Castle made by Pagans!

Buy it!

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. I had posted in the previous review that got removed, but I really have to disagree with you on the art. I am a fan of Corben and this was a complete disaster. The faces appear to be some strange 3D rendering and digital “painting” mix that are at complete odds with the hand drawn environments and backgrounds. On top of that there are bizarre and random spots of digital blur on many of the panels that make no sense artistically. This is not the Richard Corben I know and love and unless people are being quite gracious just on past performance and not what is actually here, I can’t see how this comes even close to a 5/5 in the art department. The writing is a bit artificial and inflated to sound more important than it is in spots. I really wanted to love this and it could not have been less appealing by then end of just one issue. It is subjective, but I can’t believe you would put any panel or face from this issue up against any of his past art and feel it is equal or superior.

  2. Poppycock.

    When I first saw the preview pages a month or so ago I disliked the art. But I kept looking back at it and each time I liked it more and more. Now that I hold the issue in my hands, I absolutely love it. I think the art is perfect for the story and I can’t imagine it any other way. It’s different, and different is good. Much more interesting than 90% of anything Marvel or DC has to offer, in my opinion. Also, the writing is top notch. 5

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