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Size: 32 pages
Price: 4.99

David Lapham is one twisted, fucked up writer.

If you’ve read any of his comics beforehand, you know that last statement is true. When he isn’t doing random, video game tie-in comics he is creating some of the more disturbing moments in comic history. Just the mere mention that David Lapham is doing a Punisher comic, a MAX one at that, should bring delight in some and worried looks in others.

At first glance, it seems like a pretty normal one-shot. Sure, the Punisher is laying a brutal smack down on some drug dealer. But it’s pretty par on course to what you normally see in Punisher comics. Then comes in Bobby Boresteen into the picture and well….it gets pretty fucked up pretty fast. I don’t need to tell you much cause I don’t need to spoil it for you. But when you get to the origin of Bobby right after his introduction, you know the ‘fucked up’ knob has been turned to 11. I should’ve expected all of this going south really fast, but as more revelations and disturbing moments came out I was shocked every time. But in a sick, twisted way I really had fun reading this. People always seem to be a bit ‘screwed over’ in the fact that none of these MAX one-shots really involve the Punisher. But if the story is written well, then I don’t mind not seeing him from time to time. There is enough characterization, disturbing and violent moments, and also some really outstanding moments to make this a good comic to read.

I’ve become a fan of Dalibor Talajic over the year with his work on Hit-Monkey with Daniel Way. While I do enjoy his work on those series of one-shots and mini’s, I really think his strongest work right here in his mini. His pencils look much tighter here and there does seem to be a better degree of focus in the pages. Talajic does take time with the pages, even having some panels have nothing going on to¬†create a tone. Some of the violence is a bit over the top, I mean it looks like Jell-O is being forced out a person’s head sometimes when being shot. But when some of the more disturbing elements come into play (like Bobby’s Jar *shudder) it’s handled very well.

This one-shot was just a blast to read. Whether it be the insane elements at work, or just some good characterization, or even some strong artwork by Talajic. These recent one-shots have been a nice sample inside the world of the Punisher MAX universe and with such quality taken care to them I have to….dare I say….think they are much better then the actual Punisher MAX ongoing right now.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent

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